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Advisory Committees

SLCC Career and Technical Education (CTE) offer more than 60 programs, which allow students to move directly into the workforce with marketable skills and training. The Education and Career Pathways Advisory Committees (ECPACs) are essential to the viable function of CTE and professional educational programs leading directly to employment or advancement in the workforce, to receive retraining for new social and economic areas, or to continue an education pathway. Advisement for programs at SLCC relating to curriculum, technology, social and economic areas requires effective lines of communication between education, business and industry. Partnering together creates a workforce equipped with the appropriate training and knowledge necessary to improve students’ lives as well as develop Utah's economy.

Education and Career Pathways Advisory Committees(ECPACs)

SLCC CTE programs keep current with business and industry standards, with more than 45 Education and Career Pathways Advisory Committees (PACs). PACs consist of a number of Utah's industry leaders who have the responsibility of ensuring the viability of each CTE program by evaluating program equipment, space, curriculum, budget, and enrollment needs. They make recommendations needed to improve each program and provide input regarding Concurrent Enrollment, faculty preparation, scholarships, internships, job placement, donations of equipment, supplies, and other program needs.

Education and Career Pathway

Salt Lake Community College highly values the relationships with each PAC member. The input and support from these industry leaders, distinguishes as a premier institution of teaching and learning with comprehensive programs and curriculum.

Thank you to all our PAC members.
Your input and support is what makes Salt Lake Community College what it is today.

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If I want to pay for my employees tuition, how is this done?

If you are looking to sponsor your employee, please email our Accounts Receivable office at

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Please email us at so we can get you in touch with the correct department(s).

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