Multicultural Student Council

Purpose Statement

"The Multicultural Student Council (MSC) serves to promote and celebrate intercultural enrichment and diversity at Salt Lake Community College. Led by a group of multicultural students, the MSC strives to strengthen student involvement by encouraging the use of the students' voice to improve the quality of their educational and academic experience regarding college issues. By participating as leaders in the MSC, students learn to identify and advocate for those needs expressed by multicultural students, especially student of underrepresented populations, while also finding resolutions and resources to address specific cultural needs".

MSC Representatives

S.Jo Enscoe

S.Jo Enscoe, advisor for Multicultural Student Council

Shirley Paxtor

Shirley Paxtor, is a social work major currently in her second year at Salt Lake Community College. She serves as the Special Assistant to the SLCCSA President of Inclusivity and Equity (SAPIE), and as the representative for SLCCSA student government on the Multicultural Student Council. Shirley graduated from East High School in 2017 and dedicates her time to serving her community by doing volunteer work. Shirley has been a part of the Amigos Mentores Student Council, a board member for the SLCCSA Central Region, a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and a Civically Engaged Scholar.

Daniel Michael Johnson

Daniel M. Johnson, is a second year student at Salt Lake Community College, majoring in General Studies; he plans to transfer to a 4 year university and eventfully find a suitable career field. He loves sports, reading, and video games. Daniel will be representing the African American students on the Multicultural Student Council, and he hopes to make sure the students' voices are heard.

Chong Jie Mei (Jamie)

801-560-5774 |

Jamie is a chemistry major currently in her first year at Salt Lake Community College. She would like to become a Cosmetic Scientist in the future. She is able to speak English, Chinese, Cantonese, and Malay, so feel free to ask her any questions.

Yazzel Corona

Yazzel Corona, is a music education major entering her second year at Salt Lake Community College. Ultimately, she would like to become a high school choir teacher to influence the lives of her students with music's power. During the 2018-2019 academic year, Yazzel will be serving all the Latinx students as a representative on the Multicultural Student Council. Yazzel's favorite quote is "Los jòvenes tienen el deber de defender su Patria con las armas del conocimiento."[Young people have the right to defend their country with weapons of knowledge] -Pedro Albizu Campos

Britni Lorae Iron

Britni L. Iron, is from the Oglala Lakota tribe, she comes from a courageous line of Chiefs. Britni wants to major in Information Technology after the completion of that degree, she will begin another degree majoring in her native Lakota language. Britni enjoys helping others, especially her own Native American students, which she is the representative for on the Multicultural Student Council.

Tai Nuusa

Faafetai K. Nu'usa, is a business major currently in her second year at Salt Lake Community College. During the 2018-2019 school year, she will be serving as the Pacific Unity Association (PUA) president; this year she will also be serving as the Multicultural Student Council representative for the Pacific Islander and Veteran students at Salt Lake Community College.