Multicultural Student Council

Purpose Statement

"The Multicultural Student Council (MSC) serves to promote and celebrate intercultural enrichment and diversity at Salt Lake Community College. Led by a group of multicultural students, the MSC strives to strengthen student involvement by encouraging the use of the students' voice to improve the quality of their educational and academic experience regarding college issues. By participating as leaders in the MSC, students learn to identify and advocate for those needs expressed by multicultural students, especially student of underrepresented populations, while also finding resolutions and resources to address specific cultural needs".


Glory Johnson-Stanton | | (801) 957-4380

Multicultural Student Council

place Taylorsville Redwood Campus | Student Center 2nd Floor Room 236 | 4600 Redwood Road

Beringo Masumbe Netongo was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa. She is the representative of the African/African American Population and Refugee students on the Multicultural Student Council. Beringo also serves as a tutor in the STEM Dumke Center.

Beringo attended the 68th National UN conference held in Utah, Salt Lake City in 2019. She was a panelist on “Navigating Utah Colleges through Student Voices,” at Expect the Great, an annual College and Career Readiness Conference for African/ African-American and Black students and the community. She was also a panelist on “A Dream Deferred,” a panel to commemorate the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many more achievements. In March 2020, Beringo was nominated and voted as a “Shero,” during a Women’s History Month celebration.

The one thing that drives her philosophy is Balance. Beringo knows what it means to be a working student having to balance family, social life and school. Yet, she is a friendly face you can always rely on as she stays very engaged in the community. Her personal quote to live by, “There are times when it is hard to go through life, but I believe you need to get to know yourself and find Balance.” 

Eddy De La Fuente Galindo  was born in the US but is beyond proud of his Mexican roots and culture. Eddy represents the Latinx/Hispanic students and students with Disabilities on the Multicultural Student Council. He is a first-generation college student majoring in Animation. In the future he plans to take his art with him to make an impact in the places he goes while exploring the world around his. As a part of MSC, he is passionate about empowering the people around him from diverse backgrounds and experiences to pursue their dreams and better themselves.

Jie Mei Chong is an international student from Malaysia representing the Asian/Asian American and International Students on the Multicultural Student Council. She is studying Chemistry and hopes to work as a cosmetic chemist in the future. As a member of the Multicultural Student Council she strives to provide a safe space for all students as she understands how challenging academic life can be for all international students. Jie Mei wants to provide help and guidance to all students who might face difficulties in school and hopes to bring cultural awareness to the campus.