Multicultural Student Council

Purpose Statement

"The Multicultural Student Council (MSC) serves to promote and celebrate intercultural enrichment and diversity at Salt Lake Community College. Led by a group of multicultural students, the MSC strives to strengthen student involvement by encouraging the use of the students' voice to improve the quality of their educational and academic experience regarding college issues. By participating as leaders in the MSC, students learn to identify and advocate for those needs expressed by multicultural students, especially student of underrepresented populations, while also finding resolutions and resources to address specific cultural needs".

MSC Representatives

Staff Email

Shellie Jo Enscoe
Advisor & Director of Office for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Aynoa Rincon Rondon

Daniel Johnson

Glory Shekinah Stanton

Kyle Tingey

Mayre Lopez

Salisha Allard-Blaisdell

Tony Begay