Multicultural Mentoring Programs

Brother 2 Brother

Brother 2 Brother: The Brother 2 Brother program is a chapter of the African American Brotherhood (SAAB), a national student organization designed to improve the educational experience and promote successful college completion among; African American, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander and other underrepresented students.

SLCC Amigos Mentores

The Peer Mentoring Program’s purpose is to assist Hispanic students to reach their academic goals as well as help new students at SLCC with their first steps. We provide students with social and educational support. We believe that the best mentors of students are other students. With this idea students with the most experience serve as a peer mentor for new students. We are a community which provides not only encouragement and support but also where students benefit from sharing information and experience about the different resources SLCC offers. We have regular meetings on subjects of interest to students and we provide workshops, tutoring and referrals. Our goal is to give our students the necessary tools to be a successful student.

Olene S. Walker Transition to Adult Living (TAL) Scholarship and Mentoring Program

TALS: Olene S. Walker Transition to Adult Living Scholarship (TALS) is a scholarship designed to assist qualified youth who are transitioning out of state foster care or the unaccompanied refugee minor program to complete a post-secondary education program (degree or certificate) at one of the Utah Higher Education institutions.