How to Report

If You are in Immediate Danger, Dial 911.

Report a crime or emergency by dialing 911 immediately. If your mobile phone is not accessible, campus emergency phones can be found along major walkways between buildings. Quick and accurate reporting is crucial.

For non-emergency or non-criminal incidents, please refer to the following list of contact information.

Campus/Center Contact Number

Redwood Campus
South City Campus
Jordan Campus

Emergency Calls: 911
Non-Emergency: 801-957-3800
Administrative Calls: 801-965-4461
Campus Office: 801-957-4270

Miller Campus
West Valley

Emergency Calls: 911
Non-emergency Calls: 801-840-4000

Library Square
Airport Center

Emergency Calls: 911
Non-emergency Calls: 801-799-3000

Again, we cannot overemphasize the importance of prompt and accurate reporting. If a crime is not reported, we could lose evidence or the ability to apprehend a suspect. If you witness a crime or emergency, promptly report it to the SLCC Department of Public Safety by dialing 911 and be prepared to answer questions as accurately as possible. 

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming campus for all students, faculty and staff; in turn, it is the responsibility of each person at SLCC to join in creating an environment in which others can thrive without fear of hate or bias. This form may be used to make the College aware of any incidents of hate or bias.

This form may be used by any person to report an incident involving an alleged violation by a student, staff or faculty member of the SLCC Sexual Misconduct Policy or Sexual Harassment Avoidance Policy, whether on their own behalf or on behalf of any person targeted by a member of the college community.

Please note: the contents of these reports may also be shared with law enforcement.

This form may be used to report general student misconduct or Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities violations. Use this form if you are unsure what type of student conduct or code violation has been committed.

This form may be used to report a student’s behavior which disrupts, threatens, or could disrupt or threaten college activity, classroom activity, or the safety of the student or others. Remember, in an emergency, please dial 911.

This form may be used to file any other complaint not covered under SLCC policy and procedure. The Dean of Students office will transfer a complaint to the appropriate college department if needed. As a first step and before filing a complaint, students should discuss the matter in question with the appropriate SLCC department or employee.

If you have an emergency facilities problem, please call 801-957-3911.

If you have a non-emergency facilities problem, please contact FIX IT using one of the methods below.

Phone: 801-957-3911
Submit a Work Request Online