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New ADS Students

Getting Started with ADS

  1. Fill out the ADS New Student Application. Apply Here
  2. Make an appointment for an Informational Meeting by calling 801-957-4659, or emailing You can meet over the phone, through Zoom, or in person.
  3. Attend to your informational meeting appointment.


How long will the appoint be?

An informational meeting typically lasts 25-45 minutes.

What will we talk about?

An Accessibility Advisor will discuss your disability and how it may impact your academic goals and any barriers you may be experiencing.

You can sign an ADS Contact release form that allows the ADS to share information with individuals you specify.

What documentation should I bring?

Documentation guidelines can be found on the Forms and Documentation page.

Documentation about your disability is not required at the first meeting. However, if you have documentation you would like to bring, it may expedite the accommodation review process.

What kind of accommodations can I receive?

What are my responsibilities at ADS?

What if I'm looking for pregnancy accommodations?

Taking classes while in high school?

Look at our concurrent enrollment information.