Alternative Textbook Formats

One of the accommodations the DRC can provide students with disabilities is textbooks in accessible formats.

To request this accommodation:

New Students

  1. Fill out DRC Application
  2. The DRC student will meet with an Accessibility Advisor to discuss appropriate accommodations. If Alternative Textbook accommodations are needed, the Accessibility Advisor will work with the student to determine the best book format.

Once Approved/Returning DRC Students

  1. The student will submit a Semester Request online each semester.
    Semester Accommodation Requests Tutorial
    • If this is a new accommodation the student will need to meet with their Accessibility Advisor to discuss adding it.
  2. Upon completing the Semester Request, if Alternative Text is needed, the student will fill out the Alternative Textbook Request Form (below).

Processing Time and Copyright

  • Processing times vary depending on the complexity of the book and the format being requested.
  • Some formats and subjects require significant editing by the DRC to make them accessible for students, and will take longer to complete (STEM etc.)
  • Most book requests can be completed within 5 business days after the request has been submitted, but exceptions do occur.
  • The DRC works with book publishers to obtain electronic copies of textbooks that we can convert to other formats. However, there may be occasions when that is not possible and the student will need to bring in their physical book to be cut and scanned by the DRC.
  • Due to copyright law a student is required to purchase or rent their textbook, and provide proof of purchase/rental in order for the DRC to provide a copy in an alternative format.
  • Some courses do not require students to buy the textbook as they are already included in the course and are available online through Canvas or another website. Often times these books are already accessible using the Kurzweil Chrome extension or screen readers. Video: How to install Kurzweil Chrome Extension (2min 40sec long).

Alternative Textbook Request Form

You will need to fill out your semester request before an alternative book format request can be processed. Semester Accommodation Requests Tutorial

The form below will need to be submitted for each book you are requesting.

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If you have questions about Alternative Textbooks please contact:

Shelly Edwards
Alternative Textbook Specialist

Jamie Bird
Assistive Technology Coordinator