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75th Anniversary Alumni Show


SLCC has been helping our community hone their skills and find their voice for three quarters of a century, and in honor of that great tradition and legacy, we have gathered works from thirty alumni artists. With paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, print making, fiber art, digital art, collage and mixed media, this exhibition represents just a glimpse of the immense output that alumni young and old have created over the many decades since The Salt Lake Area Vocational School opened its doors in 1948.

Please join us for the opening reception of our 75th Anniversary Alumni Show at The George S. Dolores Dore Eccles Gallery on Thursday, August 17, from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Participating Artists:

  • Rob Adamson
  • Coleman Andersen
  • Guillermo Avila Paz
  • Pablo Ayala
  • Brianna Beck
  • Lynn Bright
  • Susan Cohen
  • Jones Denetclaw
  • Sellist Fay
  • Grant Fuhst
  • Paula Garrett
  • Alejandro Martinez
  • McCade Gordon
  • Melody Greenlief
  • Jeannie Hatch
  • Bailey Hatcher
  • Chelsea Hood
  • James McGee
  • Heather Olsen
  • Roots Art Kollective: Miguel Galaz, Luis Novoa, Alan Ochoa
  • Samantha Snyder
  • Kathleen Stone
  • Julie Strong
  • Bessann Swanson
  • Daniel "D.J." Tanner
  • Mike Walton
  • Kevin Wellman
  • Megan Wilson