Past Exhibitions

Exhibition Name Dates
Nancy Andruk Olson // Because I am Still in Love with You April 22-May 21, 2021
Jonna Ramey // Beyond Beauty: A Conversation in Stone April 15-May 21, 2021
Visual Art & Design Student Showcase Winners April 1-16, 2021
Laura Sharp Wilson // Soft Edges & Intersections March 11-April 9, 2021
Erik Jensen // Byte Sizes February 11-March 26, 2021
Beloved Community Photography Project February 10-March 3, 2021
Navajo Children, Weaving the Future; Utah Division of Arts & Museums Traveling Exhibitions Program January 11-February 5, 2021
Megan Arné // Mine Yours Ours November 12-December 21, 2020
Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources: Pasifika Enriching Arts of Utah November 12-December 21, 2020

She Who Has No Master(s): Would That

October 6-November 8, 2020
Lydia Gravis // Piecing Together, Drifting Apart October 1-November 2, 2020
To Be Seen: A Confluence (Oonju Chun, Van Chu, Etsuko Kato, Dilan Li, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge) August 20-September 25, 2020
Bill Laursen // Painting Amid a Pandemic August 20-October 2, 2020
Laura Hendricks // The Stay
Selected Works from the SLCC Permanent Art Collection
Good Taste: A Dialogue Between Couture & Confection
Rocky Mountain Student Printmaking Exhibition
Alex Martinez // Cosmosphere
Utah Women Making History; Utah Division of Arts & Museums Traveling Exhibitions Program
Nathan Mulford // Memories of the Lake
Miriam Tribe // Outside a Fixed Line
Alison Neville // Reciprocity
Beloved Community Photography Project [Annual Show]
Irene Rampton // Reminiscence
Visual Art & Design Department Alumni Show [Annual Show, rotates annually with VAD faculty show]
Gilmore Scott // Sky Dazzlers
INK: An Alumni Art & Design Group Show [Annual Show]
President’s Art Show [Annual Show]
Tactilis: A curated exhibition accessible for those in the Blind and Low Vision communities
Alexis Furlong // Modern Botanicals
Cara Jean Means // GRIP
Rylee Mecham // The Veil
Marc Toso // Ancient Nights
Bea Hurd // Seeing in Color
TURN City Center for the Arts
Josh Pugeau // Sustainable Future
Colombina Zamponi, Colour Maisch, Kelly Larsen, Havoc Hendricks and Pam Bowman // Layer Layer
Nathan Brimhall // ENEMBE
"Faces of Change: the college students who confronted rape culture in Utah"—Pulitzer Prize Winning images from The Salt Lake Tribune