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Kristina Glick: Intersect


January 11 - February 16, 2024

Artist Statement:
Intersect explores a delicate balance between randomness and intention. In the 2D artworks, actions such as scribbling or pouring paint are largely dictated by randomness, while the precision of drawing is conscious and planned. In the 3D metals pieces, processes such as electroforming and enameling provide elements of unpredictability which are paired with more predictable processes such as sawing, patterning, and fabrication. I'm drawn to abstraction because it is open ended, inviting both artist and viewer to find multiple points of connection and meaning in the work. Much of my inspiration comes from the materials and processes themselves and from nature with its infinite range of textures and forms. While some of my works are purely nonrepresentational, many hint at unfamiliar landscapes or intricate biological studies. The theme running through it all is the dynamic beauty found at the intersection of chance and purpose.