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Samantha Snyder: Slip Away

June 29 - July 28, 2023


In the new exhibition Slip Away, local artist Samantha Snyder creates wonderful collages that feel like time-capsules using a variety of hand-made printing techniques, vintage magazine clippings and found objects that evoke palpable nostalgia from many eras, including the mid-century aesthetics of quirky 1950s advertising and the marvelous designs of 1960s furniture and architecture. Moving incrementally forward in time, you may find yourself reliving the 1970s color-scheme of the wood paneled basement in your parents’ home before they remodeled or the quintessential essence of your grandmother's mustard yellow couch from who-knows-when.

Snyder blends the warm comfort of these familiar forms and palettes with the unease and alienation of knowing one can never go back. The artist explains “… Slip Away explores the idea of banishment or exile from a time and place that has moved beyond our existence, with the acknowledgement that time keeps moving regardless of our experiences or desires. Most find comfort looking back at history and into the future. Still, we are rooted where we stand, at a present time that doesn’t feel quite right. This feeling pushes the banal and everyday into an otherworldly and surreal state that adds to feelings of isolation and derealization.