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Stay Curious


Matthew Sketch "Stay Curious," September 16 - November 5

Salt Lake City based painter and draftsman Matthew Sketch grew up in Houston, Texas, where he worked as an industrial designer in the oil industry. In his latest exhibition “Stay Curious,” on view at SLCC’s Eccles Gallery, Sketch utilizes his meticulous rendering of brightly colored geometric shapes to explore the the imagery of board games like Chess and Monopoly—metaphors for social constructs close to the artist’s heart like women’s roles in the workforce, systemic inequality, and the Black experience in America.

“Imagine joining a game of Monopoly where the other players have been playing for 400 years” Sketch explains. “All of the good properties have been bought and have motels built on them, you are dramatically behind in assets, money, and practical application. This is your reality as a black person in America […] This is the first series where I have included words in my works. I tried to choose carefully. One painting, titled ‘The Black Experience’ has the words JUST VISITING painted boldly in the upper right corner. I’ve often felt that being Black in America intrinsically comes with a feeling of disenfranchisement. It feels like the USA says to us, ‘Yes. You are here, but this is not your home. This place is not meant for you. You are JUST VISITING.’ This is a sentiment that is shared with many of the brothers I’ve spoken with. I truly want people to enjoy my work, but I feel it needs to carry a message.”


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