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Exercise Science Laboratory

Our exercise science laboratory was developed by associate dean Nathan Thomas. He has brought state of the art equipment to our laboratory for students of the exercise science and fitness technician programs. At Salt Lake Community College, we ensure our students get hands-on experience with various types of equipment.


  • Inertial lode bike
  • Lode Excalibur sport
  • Monark cycle ergometer
  • Stages stationary cycles

Body Composition Analysis

  • Bod Pod
  • Lange skinfold calipers
  • Tanita scales

Muscle EMG

  • Delsys Trigno wireless biofeedback system


  • Cosmed portable K5 metabolic unit
  • ParvoMedics 2400 metabolic cart


We currently have a partnership with United States Speed Skating team and the Utah Highway Patrol.

Student Involved Projects

  • Bicarbonate lotion and blood lactate levels
  • Body composition in police officers
  • Comparison of the Cosmed K5 with the ParvoMedics analyzer


Bioelectrical Impedance – this is a fast alternative for the measurement of percent body fat. The device asks for descriptive information and then requires the user to stand on the device for about 20 seconds. Handheld devices are also available for use.

Bod Pod – this device uses air displacement in order to determine body composition. This test involves sitting inside the pod for up to 5 minutes allowing the person to breath normally. Results provided include percent body fat as well as an estimated resting metabolic rate.

Skinfold – a trained technician will use calipers to predict percent body fat. Assessment takes place at 3 sites on the body which differ between males and females.


Maximal Oxygen Consumption – the person is fitted with a mouthpiece and head gear with a breathing hose which runs to the metabolic analyzer. This test begins with a short resting period followed by incremental increase in exercise intensity until the person reaches exhaustion. During the test , expired gases are measured allowing the user to see changes that occur with changing exercise intensity.

Portable Measurement – The Cosmed K5 is a metabolic measurement devices which is portable. This allows for oxygen consumption measurements in the field rather than the laboratory.

Resting Metabolic Rate – this test utilizes the ParvoMedics metabolic analyzer. The patient comes to the lab in a relaxed state and rests comfortably under a canopy for approximately 30 minutes. A breathing hose connects the canopy to the metabolic measurement device which allows for the measurement of the person's expired gases. The test provides data necessary for weight management.


Muscle EMG - The Delsys Trigno uses wireless sensors to measure muscle activity. The person's skin is cleaned, and the sensors are placed on specific muscle groups being analyzed. Data is sent to the computer with real time feedback.