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Outdoor Adventure, Parks & Recreation (OA/PR)

The Outdoor Adventure, Parks and Recreation (OA/PR) program is designed for students from all backgrounds interested in making the outdoors and recreation central to their life and careers. The OA/PR program is designed to help students attain the knowledge and skills to begin a career in the outdoor industry with a mix of courses that cover outdoor adventure education, outdoor technical skills, program planning and leadership, business, and management.

The AS program prepares students at SLCC to move into Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT) programs at the University of Utah and other colleges and universities. Graduates of the OA/PR AS program will also gain the experience and knowledge to pursue entry-level employment in various sectors of the outdoor adventure, parks & recreation industry.

Courses in OA/PR

OAPR 2101 Foundations of Parks and Recreation

3 Credit Hours - Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

This course offers an introduction to the diverse field of parks, recreation, and tourism. The class will discuss the meaning and definition of leisure, recreation, and play; explore the role and function of leisure to promote social justice; and investigate professional opportunities created through the recreation and leisure industry. Students will also dissect current trends and issues in the field and identify the benefits of quality leisure in reaching human potential.

OAPR 2320 Recreation Programming and Leadership

4 Credit Hours – Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

This course will offer a theoretical and applied understanding of leadership and programming within the various fields related to parks, recreation, and tourism. Students will explore personal leadership styles, program planning and preparation, and activity implementation through individual and collaborative learning experiences. Upon completion of this course, students will have a Program Planning Portfolio that reflects the many theoretical and logistical elements that comprise parks, recreation, and tourism planning.

OAPR 2105 and 2106 Outdoor Experiences

1 Credit Hour Each – Offered Fall (2105) and Spring Semesters (2106)

This course emphasizes outdoor and adventure leisure activity within the OAPR degree path. This course will focus on outdoor and adventure activities that can be performed given the season. This course will also cover best practices that encourage behaviors which promote an improvement in quality of life for a stronger, more resilient and healthier individual, family and community.

OAPR 2105 and 2106 Internships in Outdoor Adventure, Parks & Recreation

3 Credit Hours - Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

The OAPR Internships is designed to expose students to multiple field experiences to help students determine their career or education focus in the discipline. These internships will aid students in identifying their strengths, interests, and limitations. It is also designed to gain insight into the roles, duties and responsibilities of outdoor adventure, parks and recreation professionals. Each internship is a minimum of 150 hours.

Other Courses and Electives for OA/PR

OA/PR students will also take additional required and elective courses. Below is a short list of required courses and potential electives.

MGT 1600 Business Management (Required)
MGT 2050 Business Law (Required)
English 1010 Intro to Writing (Required)
OAPR 1980 Wilderness First Responder (Elective, taken through NOLS)
CHEF 1120 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism (Elective)
EXSC 2600 Sport and Society (Elective)

Careers in OA/PR

Outdoor Adventure Education (e.g., NOLS, Outward Bound) Wilderness Therapy
Recreational Therapy and Adaptive Sports Outdoor Wilderness Guiding
Ski Industry (Instruction, Management, Operations) Outdoor Apparel and Equipment
Outdoor and Recreation Retail Recreational Programming
Hospitality and Tourism U.S. Forest Service
National Park Service Bureau of Land Management
Wildlife Management Sport Management


For more information about the OA/PR A.S. degree, please contact:

Dan Richmond, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Outdoor Adventure, Parks and Recreation
Department of Exercise Science