Current Projects

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Project Manager: Mike Peterson

Estimated Start Date: Completed
Estimated End Date:

Electric Vehicle charging stations have now been installed at 4 campuses (RRC, SCC, LHM & JC). These ChargePoint stations provide fuel to any electric vehicle or EV.


  • Less Pollution
  • Improved air quality
  • Available to students and general public
  • SLCC is taking advantage of Rocky Mountain Power installation incentives to help fund the projects.
  • Promotes sustainability and encourages the use of EV's for anyone who commutes to SLCC.

Jordan Campus Combined Heat and Power
Project Manager: Mike Peterson

Estimated Start Date: 09-20-16
Estimated End Date: 06-17-18

Combined heat and power (CHP) or Cogeneration uses natural gas to produce heat and electricity.
SLCC will be installing two, 65 kW CHP micro-turbines at the Jordan campus with an option to add a third micro-turbine in the future.


  • Ultra-low emissions due to less fuel needed to produce the same amount of energy.
  • Electricity will be produced on site and has the ability to be sent back out to the grid when electricity demand is low at the Jordan Campus.
  • Utility rate schedule change from 8 to 6 which has an estimated savings of $20K/annually.
  • 6.5 years estimated ROI with an equipment lifespan of 20 years.

Jordan Campus Student Center Renovation/Expansion
Project Manager: Malin Francis

Estimated Start Date: First part of 2019
Estimated End Date: TBD

To remodel and expand the existing Student Pavilion to house all of the student engagement and support services into one location to provide a better student life experience.


  • This will allow for a better student experience on campus.
  • It will bring all of the student Engagement spaces together along with all of the student support spaces.
  • It will allow the students to have a space to gather and bring a sense of place and unity.
  • It is a request that the students have been requesting for a long time. It will be a great space for them to have.

Westpointe Solar Array
Project Manager: Mike Peterson

Estimated Start Date: 01-31-18
Estimated End Date: 04-18-18

The new West Point Campus is going to have a full solar array in its roof. It will be the most efficient Campus considering solar production/energy use ratio for the entire college.


  • This project shows the commitment the college has to be an energy efficient institution.
  • Thru the use of green renewable energy, the West Point campus will generate a good part of its own energy, being this the 5th solar array to be built and operate in one of our campus.
  • This will not only care for the environment but also lower the expenditures in electricity.

Proximity Locks All Campuses
Project Manager: Clark Goodrich

Estimated Start Date: 01-01-15
Estimated End Date: 12-21-18

Electronic locking systems are being installed on all doors that open from public space, such as exterior doors, and interior doors from hallways and open areas.


  • The installation of electronic locking systems will maximize security at the college.
  • Controlled access is key to maintaining a safe environment for our students and faculty.