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Fitness Technician, AAS Degree: 64 Credit Hours

For full-time students enrolled in this degree, it is designed to be a 2 year program (avg.15-17 credits, 4 semesters). For students who choose to attend part-time, it will take approximately 3 years to complete (7-9 credits, 3 semesters a year).

SLCC's Cashiering

Total textbook cost is approximately $1200.

The majority of our Fit Tech classes are offered on the Taylorsville Redwood Road Campus, while some of the more general classes are offered at all of the SLCC campuses. Our facilities at Taylorsville Redwood include:

  • Fitness Technician Lab
  • Lifetime Activities Fitness Center
  • Lifetime Activities Strength Room

The LAC Fitness Center has the latest in CORE, strength, and cardio equipment, while the Fit Tech Lab has the latest fitness assessment and program design equipment to allow a complete hands-on experience for our Fit Tech students.

Fit Tech Lab cutting edge equipment includes:

  • Metabolic cart - VO2 measurements, rest, max, O2 kinetics, VT, RER, EPOC
  • Lactate Meters - lactate thresholds and anaerobic metabolism
  • Anthropometric measures - Waist/hip, Blood pressure, Ht, Wt, Body Comp (skin calipers, bioelectrical)
  • Lipid panel assessment (HDL, LDL, TC, Glucose)
  • Dartfish - biomechanical analysis
  • Power mats & timing gates - explosion and agility
  • Functional Movement System (FMS)
  • Bod Pod - Gold Standard accuracy using wholebody densitometry
  • All equipment for training, free & machine weights, kettle bells, power lifting, plyometrics, agility & stability, ergometers (cycles, row, treadmill)

We are a nationally accredited college program with the goal of having the best trained graduates entering the personal training industry. Our majors receive hands-on experience all the way through their program starting with the HLTH 1400 course, Introduction to Personal Training of their program which culminates in a 120 hour internship at a fitness facility.

Interns can focus on the following areas:

  • Special populations
  • Sports performance
  • Traditional training
  • Exercise is Medicine
  • Corporate wellness
  • Students can explore other interests with discretionary hours

Upon completion of the Fitness Technician program at Salt Lake Community College, a variety of career opportunities exist. Graduates will be prepared to be hired into various entities of the fitness industry, including: private fitness clubs, public recreation facilities, corporate fitness centers, and businesses which run out-of-home personal training.

Pay and Salary for this industry is as follows:

  • Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors Average Wages
    Hourly: $15.66 - $24.31
    Annual: $32,570 - $50,570

*Source: Utah Department of Workforce Services
Occupational Projections 2002-2012