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Food and Beverage Purchases

Food Purchases

  • View our catering guidelines here (link to
  • Department potlucks, where staff, faculty and/or students prepare and bring food, are permitted.
  • Departments may purchase snacks.

Beverage Purchases

  • Pepsi is the contracted beverage vendor for the college. They have exclusive beverage sales rights. All beverages purchased by or sold at the college must be Pepsi products. Exceptions: hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, and, milk. Departments must purchase bottled beverages for college purposes through Auxiliary Services Pepsi store. Send the completed order form to Gina Chase at
  • Orders must be placed by 12:00 pm on Monday for Friday pickup at Redwood STC food service dock.
  • Orders that meet Pepsi's $300 minimum will be delivered Thursday.
  • Contact Gina Chase to schedule delivery for orders that are less than $300 (dates and times will vary).
  • Auxiliary Services maintains an inventory of Pepsi products and may be able to fill your order earlier. Contact Gina Chase ( at 801-957-4031 for more information.

Feedback and Questions

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact Auxiliary Services Manager Gina Chase.