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About the Center for Languages

Yes, we are different:

The Center for Languages of Salt Lake Community College, following the tradition of most of the college language centers in the nation, uses technology to promote language learning, teaching, and research. It is dedicated to helping students develop their communicative skills in the target language through audio/video language learning programs and computer-based language programs.

However, our Center is different from most other language centers in two aspects: First, our Center is also an ASL learning center where ASL students can watch various ASL learning programs, communicate with their tutors and videotape their assignments. Second, our Center is also a tutoring center that offers free tutoring in almost all the languages taught on campus: students enrolled in a language course can interact with and receive assistance from tutors with native or near-native proficiency. Our Center is intent on establishing a favorable learning environment through communicative student-tutor interaction.

Look at what we have:

The Center for Languages consists of four functional areas.

  • A computer lab that provides students and faculty with various language learning and ASL learning programs, language word processing applications and Internet access for possible on-line language classes.
  • An audio/video area where students can listen to or watch language learning programs and work on their listening comprehension or ASL assignments.
  • A conversational area that offers students, language tutors, and faculty a place to meet and converse in the target language.
  • A resource center for students and faculty to check out language learning materials. For information about these learning materials, check our catalogues at the Center's front desk.

How to take advantage of our Center:

We encourage new students to attend the Center for Languages orientation, usually held in the first week of each Semester. This orientation is intended to help you become familiar with our language learning devices and materials such as computer tutorials and language word processing, audio/video equipment and tapes and reading materials. For any additional help with our computers, we always have a lab aide handy for you.

In addition to providing computerized and audio/visual language learning programs for Language students and faculty, we offer one-on-one language tutoring.Please check the language tutor's appointment book located on the front counter for individual tutoring. We will also consider accommodating student groups whose schedule conflicts with the tutor's schedule. To request for a lab schedule change, please have your group send a note to lab coordinator Lin Chen through the instructor.

To accommodate small groups interested in using the same language learning material, we have a group viewing room and a group tutoring room for use. To use these rooms, please check with the front counter for availability.

To ensure that our materials are always available for students and faculty to use, we normally only check out material for use in the lab. Students need to have their school I.D. to check out materials.  Without your school I.D., we cannot checkout materials to you.