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Transferring Guidelines

Standard Criteria for Acceptance

  • SLCC accepts college level credit in transfer from defined regionally accredited colleges and universities.
    • Exceptions to this rule are sometimes made by academic programs for credit applied to that specific program – see petition for credit.
  • Grades in individual classes must be C- or higher to be eligible for transfer credit, except in cases where a grade of C or above is required at SLCC as a prerequisite.
  • Courses must be college level (rather than remedial or developmental). At Utah institutions, this usually means courses numbered 1000 or above.

Please Note

  • General Education (GE) equivalency – The course must be designated as a related SLCC "general education" requirement by the issuing institution (i.e., Humanities) or must be equivalent to a current GE course in the SLCC catalog.
  • Religion courses which advocate the doctrine of a particular sect or denomination will not be accepted.
  • To be eligible for graduation from SLCC, students must take 25% of required coursework/credits directly from Salt Lake Community College.
  • Coursework that is not applicable to SLCC GE or degree requirements may transfer as elective credit only.
  • All credit accepted will be recorded as part of a student's academic history. Once transfer credit is applied to your transcript, it may not be removed. Some exceptions may include a lapse in attendance that requires re-application, new transcript submission, and/or a re-evaluation of credit. Credits may need to be updated if the initial evaluation of credits is not applied toward a degree within two years.
  • Coursework that has not been previously or recently reviewed may need to be forwarded to the appropriate academic department for further evaluation. On occasion, students may be required to provide a syllabus from the term listed on the official transcript.
  • Graduate-level coursework is not applicable at SLCC.