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Ground Transportation

All individuals driving a vehicle on college business must be a current authorized driver at the time of travel. To become an authorized driver, an individual must complete the driver safety program.

Local Mileage Reimbursements are submitted on SLCCBuy. Mileage that is part of a travel event is submitted on your Expense Report in Chrome River.

To receive mileage reimbursement, you must be an authorized SLCC driver prior to the time of travel. To become an authorized driver, you must complete the driver safety course.

Airport Long-Term Parking is an allowable expense. Receipts are required. Short term parking is not reimbursable.

  1. Travelers may park at the Airport Long Term Parking lot or a third party parking agency may be used, such as The Parking Spot, Diamond Parking, etc. Only standard parking is allowed.
  2. The Parking Spot has a discount program with the State of Utah. Click here for more information.

Travelers may use a motor pool vehicle for ground transportation. Please see the Motor Pool website for more information.

Rental vehicles are allowed when necessary to perform college business when traveling. Travelers should use one of our contract companies listed below whenever possible within the 50 states. The corp. acct. number must be given at the time of reservation to ensure that required collision & liability insurance is included with the contracted rental rates, and this insurance should not be purchased separately. However, both collision & liability insurance must be purchased whenever a non-contracted company is used. Drivers must have completed the driver safety course. Travelers should use their p-card to pay for rental cars and gas. If a p-card is not available, personal funds may be used and reimbursed. 

  1. Enterprise/National - corp acct #XZ47242
  2. Hertz - corp acct #0198552

**Note: Enterprise offers a discount to employees for personal travel. To receive the discount, provide Discount Code: XZ47076

Ride share services may be used when necessary. It is highly recommended that users setup a business account with Lyft and/or Uber. This will help separate SLCC transactions from personal transactions. This will also help prevent accidental use of a credit card, such as using a p-card for personal ride.

In addition to these benefits, you can connect your business profile to Chrome River. This will allow the receipts to automatically upload into your Chrome River profile for each ride.

Please see the Rideshare App Instructions for more information.