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Why TRIO Works

“From choosing classes, to keeping me motivated, and helping me transfer, TRIO was right by my side!” — Toni

“TRIO has helped me pave the way for my future here at SLCC. Being able to make an academic plan helped me know what my next steps are every semester. Being able to do volunteer work through TRIO is always nice to help the community and to show off resumes and applications for universities.” — Hector R

“One of the most substantial things that I have gained from being a member of the TRIO program is that I now have a sense of community when previously I felt alone” — Victoria A

TRIO student working on laptop.

“Without the free tutoring, I highly doubt that I would have ever passed math. I also learned valuable study skills from my tutor, who was awesome!” — Jocelyn C

TRIO student working with tutor.

“TRIO Academy helped me. It made me feel welcome to the college since many of the students here felt the same way as I did when starting college.” — Jess H.

Two TRIO students at a computer.

“Without the TRIO program, I’m not sure I would have gained the confidence and tools required to succeed academically.” — Eryn