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Certificate Programs

Graphic Communications

Certificate of Completion (CC)
30 credits

Students who elect to pursue a Certificate of Completion will prepare themselves for entry-level work in the graphic communications industry. Through this degree students use industry standard software applications, basic printing techniques, and technical procedures to prepare materials for both traditional publishing (printing) and new digital publishing technologies (web, tablets, and digital devices).

The Graphic Communications CC has been aligned to be the first year of both the Graphic Communications AS and Graphic Design AAS so that students may explore the graphics industry during their first year and then choose a pathway to completion. Students wishing to enter the workforce should complete the Graphic Design AAS. Students wishing to transfer should complete the Graphic Communications AS.


Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Certificate of Proficiency (CP)
20 credits minimum

Students who elect to pursue a Certificate of Proficiency in Motion Graphics & Visual Effects will prepare themselves to for entry level work in a related profession. They develop foundation drawing and design skills, apply animation principles in time-based visualizations, and illustrate a working knowledge of quality visual storytelling. Students should choose electives and projects carefully to develop a working competency of both the arts and technologies involved in at least one specific area of the discipline. The Animation Emphasis is very technically rigorous and drawing intensive. It requires careful scheduling of classes to complete the program in the recommended times.


Photography Foundation

Certificate of Proficiency (CP)
17-19 credits

The Photography Foundation Certificate of Proficiency will prepare you for a diverse range of entry-level employment in the visual media industry and complements careers related to drone, film, video, broadcast, communication, marketing, graphic design, and more. This degree will also prepare and apply for continuing your education for a Visual Art & Design Associate of Applied Science degree.

Web Graphic Design

Certificate of Proficiency (CP)
29 credits minimum

The Web Graphic Design Certificate of Proficiency is designed to prepare students to design websites from concept to completion and includes coursework in basic design principles, website architecture, graphic design, web animation, audio and video production, and website promotion. Students will prepare a portfolio of websites they can use to demonstrate their skills to potential employers.