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Graphic Design & Communications

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CTE Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
64 credits minimum

CTE Associate of Science (AS)
61 credits minimum

CTE Certificate of Completion
30 hours

Skill Set Pathways Certificates

The School of Arts, Communication & Media has created Skill Set Pathway certificates that provide easy access to learning in-demand skills, with small groups of focused classes that provide expertise in a wide range of disciplines. These certificates will provide students with opportunities to complement their credentials, increase their marketability to employers, and facilitate personal enrichment, all within a short amount of time. Many of these classes are embedded in the Graphic Design & Communications degrees.

Career Opportunities

The Graphic Design & Communications (GD&C) specialization in the Visual Art & Design department at Salt Lake Community College will help prepare you for a career in visual communication. Whether your goal is to obtain a two-year degree then employment or pursue your general education requirements for transfer to a four-year institution, GD&C will help you achieve it. The SLCC South City Campus is just minutes from downtown Salt Lake City with easy access to design studios, advertising agencies, libraries, galleries and professional organizations.

Our Students

In Graphic Design & Communications, students are introduced to the world of visual communication. Dedicated GD&C faculty bring their real world experience and expertise into projects making classes useful and relevant to the industry. Students are taught typography, layout, design, brand identity, paper, printing, package design, advertising methods, etc. Using state-of-the-art Adobe software, students become proficient in computer file preparation. Flexible class offerings are available as online, hybrid and/or in-class traditional settings. Many classes use Open Education Resource (OER), which means that there are no course book fees. As a capstone, students may create their own professional looking portfolios which are essential to obtaining jobs.

Our Successful Alumni

Our alumni know that a good foundation in design and production has opened doors for them in many exciting jobs: Graphic Design, Branding, Type Design, Package Design, Publishing, Environmental Design, Surface & Textile Design, Website & Mobile Design, Social Media, TV & Film, Production Coordination, Estimating, Prepress and more! We stay connected with our alumni and often invite them to review projects, present in classes and even teach! Our alumni are invaluable sources of inspiration and networking. Want to know more? Check out the INK website.