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The application works best on Chrome or Firefox. Please avoid using Internet Explorer or Edge.

1. Go to

2. Create an Application Login and click on Apply Now

Note: This Login is different from your MySLCC login.


3. Click on Apply To SLCC

4. Fill out the application

Make sure to complete the whole application.

All questions marked in red are required to be answered. These questions must have data entered in order to Save and Continue with the next page.

On the Payment Options page, if you have applied or taken a class at SLCC within the past three years you should receive the message that you qualify for an Admission Update Application Fee Waiver.

Make sure to click on “Save and Continue” after you receive the application fee waiver and then click on “Summit Application”

In order to receive the Admissions Application Update fee waiver, you will need to answer YES to the question "Have you applied to SLCC within the past three years?" or "Have you attended credit classes at SLCC within the past three years?", and you will also need to enter your SLCC SID Number (student number).