Senior Citizen Enrollment

Utah Residents who have reached the age of 62 or over are invited to enroll in regular credit courses offered at reduced cost under the following circumstances:

  • Surplus space is available in the course.
  • Courses are taken as an Audit (non-matriculated, no college credit).
  • Course pre-requisites have been met.
  • $10 tuition fee is required each semester (fee does not cover cost of books, supplies, parking or special class fees or lab fees.
  • Online Admissions Application must be completed (You must mark "Senior Citizen" for the $40 application fee to be waived).
  • New Student Orientation must be completed prior to registering for courses for first time students.
  • Senior citizens desiring college credit must follow regular admissions and registration procedures and pay full tuition and fees.
  • Senior citizen audit status may not be combined with credit status within the same semester.

If you have questions, call 801-957-4073.