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UVU Biotechnology Program

Utah Valley University offers a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at the Salt Lake Community College Jordan campus. This is an evening program available Monday through Friday to students who have completed lower division courses required for transfer.

Students who enroll in this program are Utah Valley University students, and will pay Utah Valley University tuition and fees while attending courses at SLCC Jordan campus. They will be provided with the necessary student services through UVU and SLCC.

Additional SLCC courses for BS degree

In addition to fulfilling various prerequisites for the UVU BS degree in Biotechnology, an AS degree in Biotechnology earned from SLCC meets all general education requirements and many of the lower division courses required by Utah Valley and University. To fulfill the remaining lower divisions courses required for the BS degree in Biotechnology from UVU, SLCC students may elect to complete the following courses either while enrolled at SLCC, or while concurrently enrolled in the UVU Biotechnology BS program and SLCC.

  • MATH 2040 - Statistics for Applied Science
  • BIOL 2060 - Microbiology
  • BIOL 2065 - Microbiology Lab
  • CHEM 2310 - Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 2315 - Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CHEM 2320 - Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 2325 - Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • PHYS 2010 - College Physics I
  • PHYS 2015 - College Physics Lab I
  • PHYS 2020 - College Physics II
  • PHYS 2025 - College Physics Lab II

Remaining courses for BS degree

The following courses are the upper division courses required by UVU. They are taught at the SLCC Jordan Campus one night a week in the evening, and at UVUs main campus in Orem to allow for flexibility.

  • BIOL 3400 - Cell Biology
  • BIOL 3500 - Genetics
  • BIOL 3515 - Advanced Genetics Laboratory
  • BIOL 3550 - Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 3600 - Biological Chemistry
  • BIOL 3605 - Biochemistry Laboratory
  • BIOL 4550 - Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics
  • BTEC 481R - Biotechnology Internship
  • BTEC 489R - Student Research
  • BTEC 481R - Senior Thesis
  • 13 credits Upper Division electives


Utah Valley University maintains an open admissions practice, admitting all applicants whose qualifications indicate they may benefit from the instructional programs offered.

Admission to the University requires that every student adhere to the established admission deadlines and provide all application materials as stipulated by the university including: English placement scores, an official high school and/or college transcripts, and a $35 application fee. Returning/Transfer students are required to submit transcripts from all colleges/universities they have attended. After being admitted, most students are required to attend orientation and meet with an advisor to be guided through a personalized enrollment process.

Online Application for Admission

Academic advising

Students who want to complete the BS degree from UVU are encouraged to speak with the UVU advisor as early as possible to make a seamless transition between institutions.

Courtney Rogers
Office: PS 201
Phone: (801) 863-6791
University Professional Page
Schedule Appointment

Financial Aid

Biotechnology students are attending both UVU and SLCC can receive Federal Financial Aid through Utah Valley University financial aid department through a special financial aid agreement called a Consortium Agreement. See the UVU advisor for details regarding this option.