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What is STUDENTfacturED®?

The STUDENTfacturED® organization is a real manufacturing-centered company run by students. The company manufactures biotechnology supplies to sell to college and local high school instructors. Biomanufacturing Program staff and faculty provide the necessary technical expertise to establish a ‘regulated’ manufacturing environment (i.e. scientific/technical methods and good manufacturing practices). Both staff and student participants benefit from this unique biotechnology/business enterprise and learning community.

STUDENTfacturED® offers a mentored, supportive, real-world working and learning business enterprise environment. It allows students to practice concepts and skills acquired through accompanying coursework and take advantage of educational benefits gained through project-based learning.

This training strategy is especially important to the successful and effective comprehension of quality systems and FDA regulations as they relate to the biotech manufacturing industry. The goal of the STUDENTfacturED® enterprise is to prepare students, using contextual and practical training, for jobs in biotech manufacturing companies.

STUDENTfacturED® is sustained through profits generated by the sale of STUDENTfacturED® products to high school teachers and other SLCC departments.

Products made

  • DNA cheek cell extraction kits
  • Media products:
    • Plates
    • Tubes
    • Flasks
  • Bacterial transformation kits for educators
  • Unknown Plasmid identification kits
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction kits

For a complete list of products and prices please email production manager Thayne Dickey at


The STUDENTfacturED® program is located within the Biotechnology Department at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). It complements InnovaBio® contract research organization.

Jordan Campus
JHS 259

Ordering Products

Due to the nature of our organization we are only able to sell products to educational entities.