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Campus Internship Program For Supervisors

Requesting a CIP position

  • Create a departmental employer account in Handshake (if one does not already exist for your department), then post the CIP position in Handshake.  Posting the position serves as a request to the CIP Coordinator, who will then review your request.  Depending upon funding, they may approve your role immediately or you may be added to our waitlist. 
  • When funding is available, the CIP Coordinator will comment on your posting in Handshake and email you to give you permission to hire.  You must then post your role in PARS & add the CIP Coordinator to the posting to approve it.
  • Once approved in PARS, you'll receive an email from HR with the hyperlink to your PARS posting - please forward this to the CIP Coordinator immediately so that we can embed the PARS application link into your Handshake posting.  Once the posting has been updated, it will be approved and made visible for students to see and begin applying to. 
  • Direct students ONLY to the posting in Handshake (NOT PARS) where they can apply.  
  • Monitor your applicants in PARS and schedule interviews as needed.  You have two months to fill your position & notify CIP Coordinator, otherwise we will need to move funding on to another position.
  • For current CIP Supervisors, you will receive a Qualtrics survey mid-spring semester to gather information on whether you hope to continue your CIP position(s) into the next fiscal year with the same student or whether you need to hire.  The CIP Coordinator will give you further instructions depending upon your survey responses.   Funding is not guaranteed from one fiscal year to the next and we cannot hold funding nor positions within the program.

Hiring Process

  • Once the internship is live in Handshake and PARS please watch PARS for your applicants.   
  • When you are ready, reach out to applicants to set up and conduct interviews. 
    • Remind the students you interview that they'll need to schedule a CIP Coaching Appointment in Handshake - doing so early rather than at the end will save you time in the hiring process.
  • Once interviews are completed, if you have a candidate you would like to hire please send an email to the CIP Coordinator to let them know the candidate's name and S# so we can confirm eligibility.  You may give a conditional offer to a candidate, but do not provide any official offers until the CIP Coordinator has confirmed their eligibility.
  • Once eligibility is confirmed, please return the Hiring Outcome Form to the CIP Coordinator.
  • The CIP Coordinator will complete the new hire paperwork  for HR based upon the info you provide in the Hiring Outcome Form.  HR will then confirm the start date for the student and provide the supervisor with more information on the I-9 process, which must be completed prior to the start date.

Other supervisor requirements

  • Maintaining student's hours (20hr/week required) and approving timesheets 
  • Keeping track of all program requirements, deadlines, and student eligibility criteria throughout the duration of the internship
  • Communicating proactively and in a timely manner with the CIP Coordinator 
  • Ensuring students meet their learning objectives throughout the course of the internship
  • Completing an evaluation at end of the student's internship regarding their learning outcomes and performance in the position

   CIP Forms:

The Campus Internship Program (CIP) provides offices across SLCC the opportunity to partner with Career Services to create paid internships for SLCC students. The goal of CIP is to provide students with professional development, new learning opportunities, and career mentorship at any SLCC campus. Students are paid at $15.00 per hour and are expected to work 20 hours per week.  CIP is an opportunity for your office or academic department to benefit from the support of a student employee through peer-to-peer interactions, project-based support, or in other ways that allow the student to gain meaningful skills they can use to support their educational and career goals.

Any office or department across all SLCC campuses are welcome to request funding from the Campus Internship Program for student interns. Post the position in Handshake as a way of requesting funding for the role.  Your Handshake posting must clearly state the duties, objectives, educational and professional components, and desired qualifications of the intern. This is an internship position not an on-campus job. Please review our website for further information on internships to see the requirements your posting must meet.

The total number of CIP positions is dependent on the funding available to Career Services, which renews at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1).  Approvals for CIP positions are only for the specific fiscal year in which approval was given, as our funding can change from year to year.


Career Services supplies the funding for a department to have a CIP student. Funding is only provided for internships within the program which meet program requirements - departments may also choose to hire their own interns from their own departmental funding, which is unrelated to CIP. The CIP funding comes from the Career Services office, though funding is limited. Please note that work-study and CIP are not same program, they are two different funding sources and are managed by two different departments (work-study is managed by Financial Aid). Career Services funding does not roll over and changes each year. There may be times that a department needs to go on a waitlist until funding is available.

You can hire a student who has work-study for a CIP position, but they would be required to spend down their work-study award first before we use CIP funding for the remainder of their internship. What this means is the student would use their financial aid rather than CIP funding. For more information on work-study please go here:


The department or office hosting the intern has the responsibility of providing a detailed job description and desired qualifications to post through Handshake. Any student who is interested in the program should first meet with a Career Coach to ensure their eligibility (via a completed Eligibility Form) and review available CIP openings. 

While we promote your open CIP position through our team of Coaches, peer mentors, and recruitment fairs, it is also the responsibility of the supervisor to market the open position in Handshake as well as select a qualified candidate from the pool of applicants. Before offering the position to a final candidate, check with the CIP Coordinator to ensure the student is eligible.  If the student is eligible, the supervisor will need to provide a completed Hiring Outcomes Form to the CIP Coordinator who will then submit hiring paperwork to HR. 

To ensure your department’s commitment to developing and supporting student’s educational and occupational learning outcomes, we ask that you develop and complete a Learning Outcomes Agreement with the student at the beginning of their internship and return to the CIP Coordinator. Career Readiness Competencies are identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as most valuable to employers and we encourage you to weave these competencies into your internship and learning agreement: critical thinking/problem solving, teamwork/collaboration, professionalism/work ethic, and oral/written communication skills. For a list of adjacent competencies or further explanation, please review this article. Whenever possible, learning outcomes should be directly related to the student’s academic program, area of study, or ultimate career goals.

To provide further exploration, professional development, and support for CIP students, CIP students are required to attend professional development opportunities. A list of programs and dates will be emailed at the beginning of the semester to both the supervisor and the student—supervisors are not required to attend but are welcome to participate and support their intern. Attendance at professional development opportunities is part of students' work hours for the week and students are paid for their time.  Topics for professional development could include: CliftonStrengths, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, major exploration and registration, E-portfolio, among others.

To request a CIP student you must post the position in Handshake - this serves as your request for funding.  The CIP Coordinator will give approval to your request to hire if and when funding is available.  Your request will remain on our waitlist until the CIP Coordinator is able to give approval.

  • To post in Handshake, you will need an employer account created for your office/department if you do not already have one.  Please reach out to the Career Services team if you need assistance in creating an account.  
  • All postings in Handshake MUST follow the naming format of "CIP - [insert title of internship position]".  Example: CIP - Career Peer Mentor.
  • Students automatically have a Handshake account, they simply need to log in using their MySLCC credentials at
  • Please reach out to the CIP Coordinator for assistance in creating a Handshake account and/or posting a role. 

The CIP Coordinator is here to consult with you if you need support, guidance, or clarification regarding any details and responsibilities. Please contact Devon Darland who is overseeing CIP until a Coordinator is hired.

Questions? Contact:

Stacey Parson-Campus Internship Coordinator