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Concurrent Enrollment

Utah Residence

Students enrolled in a public high school may take CE classes regardless of residence status, with the execption of international students on a student visa*. A social security number is not required to take a CE class. SLCC complies with the residency policies established by the Utah State Board of Regents and the laws of the state (Utah State Code 53 B-8-102 and 106 and Utah State Board of Regents Policy and Procedures R 512) Residency Requirements for Utah. Visit the SLCC Residency website for more information.

Students who are transitioning from concurrent enrollment classes to regular college classes must make sure that all of their residency documentation is current and correct. Otherwise, they may be classified as a non-resident and be charged non-resident tuition. The students can check and update their residency status by contacting the Admissions Office at 801-957-4485 or visiting the SLCC Residency website.

The following guidelines can help students ensure that their residency is correct (this is only applicable for students who are transitioning to SLCC after high school graduation):

  • This residency status is used for tuition rate only.
  • If students don't complete the residency section of the form they will be classified as non-residents.
  • All students must have a Utah driver license (DL) or Utah ID to be classified as residents. This information must be on the application form. Students who don't list the DL or State ID number on their application will be classified as non-residents and must provide a copy of the DL or State ID to be eligible for resident tuition.
  • All students must list the number of years they have lived in Utah and their citizenship status.
  • Students must have US citizenship, permanent resident, refugee or asylum status to be eligible for the resident tuition.
  • The law requires 12 consecutive months of living in Utah to qualify for instate tuition.
  • Students who are not eligible for residency because of their citizenship status but have attended high school in Utah for three or more years and receive a Utah high school diploma or equivalent may be eligible for a waiver of non-resident tuition.
  • The Admissions Office has residency counselors to help students with the process. Contact 801-957-4485 for an appointment with a residency counselor.

* International students who are in Utah on a student visa are not counted in the weighted pupil unit or average daily membership, and are subsequently not eligible to participate in concurrent enrollment. 

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