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Artwork by Joclynn Kelsey

We Want to Tell You: A She Said Anthology

The We Want to Tell You anthology came from a series of workshops that were a collaboration of The Community Writing Center, The Salt Lake Tribune, and Amplify Utah. The purpose of these workshops was to encourage womxn in Utah to articulate and tell their stories, to write unapologetically, and to acknowledge the importance of womxn’s stories which often remain untold or are silenced. The stories and art shared in this anthology seek to change the dominant narratives that are not typically inclusive of womxn’s voices.

The title of this anthology is inspired by the first poem that is featured called “I Want to Tell You” by Nicole Tomlin.

This anthology echoes the writer’s statement, which articulates:

"'I want to tell you', is a nod to the stories that women will never be able to tell. Over and over our experiences are belittled and written off. Pretty soon, only the bones of our stories are left. When our memories get questioned, and the severity gets argued we learn to go dormant. It is almost impossible to conjure what we need to say. I couldn't write what happened. The voices of shame are too loud. But they are there, waiting and I hope they get told, someday."

This anthology makes someday today.

For all those who attended the She Said Workshops and for those who made submissions of visual art and writing to the We Want to Tell You anthology; you are seen. You are heard. You are believed.

Womxn whose work is published in the "We Want to Tell You": A She Said Anthology are invited to a publication launch on Saturday, June 3, 2023, from 6-8 pm at the SLCC Community Writing Center, which is located at 210 East and 400 South, Suite 8, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

This is event is only open to the womxn whose work is published in the anthology + a guest. An RSVP is required. Please RSVP by emailing Kati Lewis:

To get a sense of some of the voices and experiences that were shared, please watch Philosophical Intuitions on Women, a short documentary by Alisa Garcia (see below).

Documentarian’s Statement: This video highlights historical and contemporary perspectives on how women acquire knowledge, featuring the research and experiences of women philosophers from the University of Utah Philosophy Department. Although the video is over a decade old, the philosophical context and gender biases are still relevant today.

What is She Said?

She Said is a series of workshops hosted by the SLCC Community Writing Center in collaboration with Amplify Utah, and previously The Salt Lake Tribune.

The She Said workshop series explores womxnhod in Utah and some of the issues affecting the life of womxn specifically such as reproductive health and rights, and invisible labor.

Two, free She Said Workshops are scheduled for October 2023. Please check back soon for details and registration.


"We Want to Tell You" by Nash Hutto