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DegreeWorks Tutorials

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Student Academic Audit

Audit Header

The Audit header found at the top of the page will tell you:

  • The degree you are on record as pursuing
  • The program of study in which you are enrolled
  • The last time your audit was refreshed
    • A refresh button can be found at the end of this line
    • Please push the refresh button unless your audit was already refreshed that day

How to read a DegreeWorks Audit:

Degree Audit

DegreeWorks Audits are organized by blocks. The blocks show what requirements are needed for a specific degree or program.

Student Information Block

Student Info block

This block shows your:

  • Name
  • Student ID #
  • Class level
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Academic standing
  • Degree and Program for which the audit has been run
  • Catalog Year in which you are currently enrolled
  • Progress Bar is located below the Information Block

Progress Bar

  • This bar will tell you how far along you are in your program
  • The bar will move with your progress as you get closer to graduating

Degree Block

Degree Block

  • This is a summary of your requirements to graduate

General Education Block

General Education block

This block will show you all the classes you need to be able to finish your general education courses.

  • The right side of the block provides links for you to review what courses can be taken to fulfill the specific course you need.
  • If you have already completed the requirement, a green check mark will appear to the left of the requirement

Program Block

Program Block

This block shows you what classes you need in order to complete your degree

More Blocks:

Courses Not Applied to This Program

Courses not applied

This section displays courses that are not being used to satisfy any other requirement in your audit.

These course do count towards your total number of hours and GPA.


Courses Repeated or Not Successfully Completed

not successfully completed courses block
  • Shows classes that you have withdrawn from (W), failed ( E), or courses that were taken more than once but were not repeatable for credit.

Courses in Progress

Courses in progress block

  • Lists courses being taken but not yet graded in the current term
  • Lists any courses you have registered for in future terms

Courses not counted toward Degree

Courses not counted toward degree block

  • Includes courses that are not used for obtaining a degree
  • Lists classes below the 1000 level
    • These courses are not used when calculating GPA


Below all the blocks are any notes that you or your advisor may have made about your progress.

advisor notes block

What-if Scenario

The What-if feature provides a way for you to:

  • Update your major
  • Verify your catalog year
  • See what classes you would have left if you switched majors

To access the What-if feature

  • Click on the What-if tab on the far left side of the screen

What-if block

Three options will appear in the drop down box

  1. Degree—decide what type of degree you wish to pursue
  2. Catalog—select the catalog in which you wish to graduate
  3. Program—choose the program you wish to explore
    • The program you choose will populate the yellow box to the right of the program.
  • Click on the Process What-If Tab at the top of the view box

What-if Tab

GPA Calculator Tab

  • Offers a convenient way to track and plan different GPA options
  • Provides three different calculating features depending on the type of advice you need
  • The GPA Calculator allows you to calculate the average GPA you need to graduate with a desired GPA
GPA Calculator tab

Before entering into the GPA Graduation Calculator you will need to do the following:

  • Check the upper right hand corner of the degree block on your audit for the credits required for your degree

Credit Required block

  • Add Credits Applied from both the General Education Block and the Program Block then subtract the added credits from the Credits Required to obtain the number of credits you have left to complete

Credit Applied box

Please note: The GPA calculators are not your official GPA and offer estimates only

Graduation Calculator

Graduation Calculator

  • Enter in your remaining credits (the number from adding credits applied and subtracting from credits required)
  • Enter in credits required
  • Enter in your desired GPA
  • Push calculate

Term Calculator

Term Calculator

  • Allows you to estimate your term GPA based on projected grades for the classes you are currently taking.
  • Steps:
    • DegreeWorks will automatically add in the courses marked “in Progress” from your audit. If any of the courses listed are inaccurate, you can add or delete them by typing directly into the boxes.
    • Select the grade you anticipate receiving for each course.
    • Click Calculate
      • DegreeWorks will give you an estimated GPA for the semester

Advice Calculator

Advice Calculator

  • The Advice Calculator allows you to see the number of classes needed at a certain grade average to achieve a desired GPA.
  • Steps:
    • Fill in the GPA you would like to have
    • Click Calculate
      • DegreeWorks will tell you how many hours with what grades you will need in order to achieve your desired GPA


As you look at these three blocks, Degree, General Education and Program, you will notice different symbols and colors to help you interpret your Audit.

Check mark/yellow line indicate completed courses

Complete classes block

A completed course will have a green check mark next to it and the whole line will turn yellow.

On the same line of your completed course, you will be able to see what grade you received in the class, how many credits it is worth and when you took the class.

Box / peach line indicate courses you need to complete

Not complete classes block

If you still need to complete the course, there will be an empty red box in front of the requirement and the line will be peach.

Wavy line / blue cell indicate complete classes

In-progress classes lines

If you are currently taking the class, the box next to the requirement will contain a blue squiggle and the line will be blue.

Double wavy line indicate nearly complete courses

nearly complete courses

The double wavy line symbol indicates that there is an issue of some sort. Please see an Academic Advisor to find out what the issue might be.