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Bruin Dreams Impact

Since the inception of the Bruin Dreams scholarship, many students have submitted statements demonstrating the impact this funding has had on their lives and experience as a student at Salt Lake Community College:

"I am immensely thankful for the opportunity that you have given me to continue to strengthen and further my education to become a successful and talented architect. With hard work and dedication, I plan on displaying my gratefulness by becoming a future donor to provide generations to come with the same hope and support you have given me." – Ana

"I had no idea how I was going to afford this academic year not only because of the current situation with COVID-19 but also because of certain personal circumstances and family problems. You have taken a weight off my shoulders with this help. I am getting closer and closer to finally achieving my educational goals and I couldn’t be more grateful." – Andres

"Thank you again for this scholarship, it means so much to me and my family. You have truly made a difference in my life and given me an amazing opportunity to continue my education. I wish I could have more words or actions to express how thankful I am for your help and support. Thank you so much." – Diana

"This scholarship means a lot to me and my family because it is a tremendous help to cover the cost of non-resident tuition especially during the pandemic. I am very honored to be a recipient of this award." – Adriana

"More than ever, I want to thank each and every person who donates to the Bruin Dreams Scholarship. This period of time is a strange one for many and I am no exception. I am truly grateful for being able to receive this generous award and keep working towards my diploma." – Humberto

"Thank you again Bruin Dreams Scholarship Donors. I appreciate deeply what you do for us dreamer students. Thank you for all the trust, love, and hope for us. This scholarship enables me to wake up and not worry too much about how I am going to pay for school. You inspire me to work and dream harder each day. It is for you that can study what I am passionate about and, to be the first in my family to go to college." – Magali

"As I continue my journey here at SLCC, as both a first-generation immigrant and a first-generation college student, I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity. With your contribution I can become the first in my family to attend college in the United States, and to use my skills to help my community, my family and to dream a little bigger and in the brightest of colors." – Mariella

"I have never felt closer to my dream than after I landed in this country. And today I am so grateful to say you are an essential part in that. Thank you not just for the money, but for believing in me and what I can do." – Paola