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Dreamers in College

Nearly half of all undocumented college students in Utah attend SLCC and make up 2.5% of the college's total student population. Undocumented students are often referred to as Dreamers or they refer to themselves as Dreamers (in reference to the American Dream as well as the DREAM ACT). Many are registered to work under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). However, we know that the undocumented community is vast, and diverse across ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ability, and age. The DACAmented community represents a fraction of the entire population and their lived experiences.

The following videos highlight life for undocumented SLCC students, in their own words. You can also review the Summer/Fall 2020 edition of the SLCC Magazine covering Dreamers in College.

Kimberly Juarez

Edgar Bautista

Sinthia Rosado Veronica