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A Message from the Dean

Thank you for your interest in the School of Health Sciences. We offer a wide-range of healthcare programs providing direct access to the industry along with pathways to 4-year degree programs and beyond. Our programs achieve the highest ratings by State and National Accreditation governing bodies. We have an on-going history of superior job placement for our graduates and that is a testament to our passionate faculty.

As Dean, let me run you through my priority list, as follows.

  1. Content is King: we strive to provide on-going continuing education opportunities for our faculty to provide our students with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information.
  2. Premium Facilities: our teaching facilities, laboratories, and study-areas are simply top-notch; yet we’re always looking to improve. Come visit!
  3. Latest Equipment: we continually modify our labs to include the latest equipment that students will apply in the field. Candidly, I want our School to go beyond and prepare students to learn on equipment that facilities might be utilizing 3 to 5 years from now.
  4. Industry Relationships: The School of Health Sciences at Salt Lake Community College is an extended arm of the Healthcare Industry in the State of Utah. People retire, people leave, and industry wants new employees. We provide that future healthcare workforce, and our alumni extend the College’s industrial partnerships and networks.

The School of Health Sciences embraces the ethos of promoting the “Science of Healing and the Art of Compassion.” We forge an emphasis on academic success, as outlined above, and we instill the values of empathy because often, our graduates will have to aid people during the most trying times of their lives. Our School is not in the business of producing robots. Rather, we aspire to develop practitioners who begin their degree experience with a heart and soul for helping others.

If you are seeking a career in the healthcare industry, the School of Health Sciences at Salt Lake Community College is a great place to start. Please reach out to our admissions staff for any of our programs of study that spark your interest or find more information at Know that from the top-down, we are vested in producing the best healthcare professionals in the nation.


Robert W. Pettitt, PhD, FACSM, ATC, CSCS
Dean, School of Health Sciences
Salt Lake Community College
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