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Our Role at SLCC

We answer the big questions, solve the intractable challenges, and guide strategic and daily decisions.

Our Approach

Tell the story; explore the data; provide context. Data is the means, not the end.

We strive for an inclusive team comprised of diverse people, perspectives, and experiences.

Achieve equity in student outcomes.

Focus on highest impact, scalable solutions; ensure effectiveness at SLCC.

Data leaders not gatekeepers. Coach others to develop data literacy. Don’t keep people from the data. Allow for mistakes within boundaries.

Always start simple and let complexity grow. Embrace iteration and continuing innovation.

Data is a critical institutional asset. Ensure data quality through validation scripts and clear QA feedback loops.

Find meaning in our work. Use our daily experiences to become better people and make a better world.

Assess ourselves through persistent insistence on advice, feedback, and learning.

Stay fun. Value each other and value a healthy work environment.