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Data Science and Analytics

Unlocking insights, empowering decisions: Welcome to Data Science and Analytics at SLCC!

Data drives progress, and in today's world, understanding it has become essential. The Data Science and Analytics (DSA) department at SLCC is your key to unlocking the power of data. We harness information to guide informed decision-making across the college, ultimately enriching the lives of our students, faculty, and staff.

How we make a difference:

  • Fueling data literacy: We champion data awareness, equipping everyone with the skills to confidently navigate the world of information.
  • Crafting data products: Our experts build intuitive dashboards, insightful reports, and cutting-edge algorithms to illuminate trends and patterns.
  • Guiding with research and surveys: We conduct robust research and utilize insightful surveys to provide a clear picture of the college's landscape, informing strategic planning and assessment.
  • Empowering data-driven decisions: From faculty and staff to administrators and students, we empower everyone to leverage data for informed choices, maximizing impact.
  • Ensuring accurate reporting: We meticulously manage official data submissions to external stakeholders, guaranteeing transparency and accountability.

Meet our expert teams:

  • Official Reporting: Ensuring accurate and timely reporting to state and federal agencies.
  • Data Warehouse: Building and maintaining a robust data foundation for all our analytics needs.
  • Business Analytics: Crafting data products and responding to ad-hoc requests, providing insights at your fingertips.
  • Research and Surveys: Conducting research and analyzing surveys to inform strategic decisions and improve student outcomes.