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Course Registration

The Math Department is not able to add classes for students. Please visit the Office of the Registrar for instructions for registering for a class, how to audit a class, and what it means to be waitlisted.

If you have trouble registering for a class using one of the registration systems (Banner or College Scheduler), try switching to the other system.

You can also reach out the Contact Center at 801-957-4073.  They can help determine what holds you have on your account and who to reach out to help fix the problem.

If you don’t meet the pre-requisite for the class you want to register for, you need to take the Math Placement and place into the class you need.  If you don’t place into the class you need, under some circumstances the Math Department Chair will permit a pre-requisite override.

Pre-Requisite Overrides:

  • The Math Department offers the pre-requisite waiver under some circumstances, but it is against the standard recommendation of the Math Department.
  • The pre-requisite waiver is a one-time only waiver and is only for the semester submitted on the request form. No future waivers will be permitted.
  • The pre-requisite waiver releases the Math Department from any grievance that may be brought forward regarding the final grade in the course the student is requesting to take.
  • The student must have completed the Math Placement within 60 days of requesting an override.
  • For access to the Pre-Requisite Waiver form for the Math Department please contact us at or 801-957-4267.

Yes, you can.  Here’s why:

You missed the waitlist deadline

Please see the Waitlist A Class page for more information.

You do not meet the course pre-requisite

If you register for a next-level course while you are in the pre-requisite course, you are permitted to register because it is assumed that you will pass the pre-requisite course.  If you don’t receive a passing grade for the pre-requisite class, you will be dropped from the next-level class after final grades are submitted.

Sometimes, the automatic purge doesn’t happen, and students are not dropped from a class they don’t have the pre-requisites for.  When this happens, students are highly encouraged to drop themselves from the course and retake the math class they did not pass, but it isn’t required.  It would be for the student’s benefit to consider this advisement.

Class closes due to low enrollment

Students can be dropped from a class due to low enrollment.  This can happen within days of the semester starting.  For more information see the Searchable Class Schedule webpage.

Dropped for non-attendance/participation 

To make room for waitlist students, Math Instructors are asked to drop students for non-attendance or non-participation within the first 3 days of the semester for ONLINE courses, and within the first week of the semester for all other modalities.  If you’re serious about taking the class but are unable to log on to your Canvas course within the first 3 days of the semester, be sure to email your instructor regarding your intentions for the class.


NOTE: The Math Department cannot enroll students into a class. It is the responsibility of the student to watch their Bruin email for notices regarding their class schedules and to find another class and register for it if they are dropped from an initial course.  If you need help finding another class, please contact the Math Department at 801-957-4267 or