Math Department Protocols

Online Math Classes

All online math classes close on the second day of the term.


The department requires that all prerequisites be completed before a student is allowed to enroll for a class. It is the students responsibility to insure that all prerequisites have been met within the past calendar year. If prerequisites have expired, the student should contact Student Testing Services to take a placement test. If a student is transferring from another school and is unsure which course to enroll for, please make an appointment with the Chair.

Final Exam

Students scoring less than 60% on the final exam cannot get a final grade higher than a D. Students scoring less than 50% on the final exam for developmental level math courses cannot get a final grade higher than a C-. Daytime sections of math 1010 and math 1050 give their finals at a unified time. The time and day is specified on the final exam schedule. Your instructor will tell you the location.


Students with disabilities needing accommodations such as: accommodated testing, interpreting, note-taking, taped textbooks, assistive technology, equipment accessibility arrangements, etc., should contact the Disability Resource Center (Redwood Campus College Center, Room 244 or South City Campus, Room W138) in person or by telephone: 957-4659 (voice), 957-4646 (TTY), or 957-4947 (FAX) early in the session.


Class attendance is expected. Regular attendance is essential to achieve satisfactory results. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all material covered, tests dates, and assignment due dates. Your instructor will outline specific attendance policies.

iPods, Cellular Phones and Pagers

Pagers, cellular phones, and iPods should be turned to silent when entering a classroom. Any use of these devices are not permitted in the classroom and students are asked to leave the classroom to place or receive calls. In an emergency, a cellular phone, or pager may be turned to silent ring mode. In such a case, any exit from a classroom to respond to a call should be made with a minimum of disturbance.

Permanent Folder

To minimize the possibility of computer or human error all graded homework, bonus quizzes, and exams should be kept in a folder until you have received your final grade for the course.

Classroom Deportment

Each student is responsible for his/her own behavior. Any student who shows a pattern of disrespect for others, or who at any time displays egregious disrespect for others, will be subject to penalties as per the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Grievances and Due Process

A student who feels that he/she has been treated unfairly or unjustly by a faculty member (full-time or part-time) with regard to an academic process such as grading, testing, or assignments, should discuss the issue first with the faculty member involved. This conference should be requested by the student within a reasonable amount of time the student felt they were treated unfairly. Please refer to the Students Rights and Responsibilities document.

If you are having an issue with your Instructor or instruction methods, please send an email to We can then send you a form to submit online.