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Frequently Asked Questions

Program costs for a Utah Resident is approximately $13,000 for tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Please see SLCC's Tuition and Fees table.

After completing the prerequisite courses (1-2 semesters), the technical curriculum is 4 consecutive full-time semesters.

Sample Schedule

Semester One CR Semester Two CR
PTA 2010 Functional/Neuro Anatomy 3 PTA 2350 Data Collection PTA 2
PTA 2015 Appl of functional Anatomy 1 PTA 2360 Implement Data Collection 2
PTA 2100 Patient Care Skills 2 PTA 2400 Musculoskeletal Disorders 3
PTA 2110 Implement Patient Care Skills 1 PTA 2410 Interventions Musculo Disorders 2
PTA 2200 Therapeutic Modalities/Integ 2 PTA 2510 Spec Disorders/Populations I 3
PTA 2210 Implement Ther Modalities 2 PTA 2520 Interventions Special Disorders 2
PTA 2300 Therapeutic Exercise 2 PTA 2530 Gerontology 2
PTA 2310 Implement Therapeutic Ex 2 PTA 2850 Special Studies for PTA 2
Total 15 Total 18
Semester Three CR Semester Four CR
PTA 2450 Neurological Disorders 2 PTA 2700 Clinical Internship II 5
PTA 2460 Interventions Neuro Disorders 2 PTA 2710 Clinical Internship III 6
PTA 2550 Rehabilitation Psychology 2 PTA 2750 Seminar for PTA 1
PTA 2600 Clinical Internship I 4
PTA 2540 Special Disorders II 1
Total 11 Total 12

No, currently there is no option for part-time completion of the curriculum.

There are no PTA technical program courses offered entirely online, however, several prerequisites are offered online, including PTA 1500.

Program courses are offered during the day Monday through Thursday typically 8:00am - 3:30pm. Clinical Internships are full time typically 5 days a week.

Go to Admissions to see the admission process for the PTA program.

Students are admitted to the PTA program every Fall Semester.

24 seats are available per cohort.

There is no wait-list for the PTA program. The program has a selective admissions process.

The following immunizations must be completed after acceptance into to the PTA program and before classes begin:

Annual Influenza Vaccination: Required annually, students must provide proof of receiving the Influenza vaccination between September 1 and October 31 or submit a signed exemption request form between September 1 and October 31.

Tuberculosis Test: Required Annually, students must provide proof of a negative QuantiFERON TB Gold test, 2-step PPD or T-SPOT.TB; if positive, you must submit a chest x-ray read by a radiologist with a normal result; if the chest x-ray is abnormal, you must be cleared by your physician or local health department. This requirement also includes international students who have had the BCG immunization. Once in the program an annual Quantiferon test or 1- Step PPD will be required. The need for a repeat chest x-ray will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap) Booster: Tdap booster is good for 10 years. TD will be given subsequent to Tdap.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR): Proof of two doses or a positive titer (blood draw) on all three (measles, mumps and rubella). Equivocal results are not acceptable; you must test in the positive range if you choose to do a titer. NOTE: If given to adult females, since this is a live virus, you cannot be pregnant at the time you receive the immunization and you must avoid pregnancy for 3 months after administration.

Varicella (Chicken Pox): Proof of two doses or a positive titer (blood draw). Stating you had the disease is not acceptable. Varicella immunizations are expensive, if you had the disease it is recommended to start with a less expensive titer first for proof of immunity before starting the immunizations.

Hepatitis B vaccination series: You must provide proof of a Hep B titer (blood draw) with a positive (reactive) result. If your titer is negative (non-reactive) or equivocal you will need to reinitiate the three shot series and provide proof of that series and a repeat titer. The series of shots can take up to 6 months so please plan ahead so this does not delay or jeopardize your admissions and clinical placement.

Hepatitis A vaccination series: Highly recommended but not required. Proof of a two dose series or a positive titer. If you start the series, you must complete it.

COVID Vaccine: Proof of complete doses or an approved Health Sciences exemption form on file. Unvaccinated students may not be eligible to be placed or complete a clinical requirement necessary for graduation. *Subject to change based on mandates.

The SLCC Center for Health and Counseling offers immunizations at a discounted rate for students who are low income. For a discounted rate, take your previous income tax return or your last 30 days pay stubs.
Note that some clinical facilities may require additional immunizations.

All immunization information is subject to change. Please contact us at 801-957-6253 if you have questions.

No. Students will need to submit a current CPR Certification Card (American Heart Association BLS Provider) after acceptance into the program. Refer to CPR Certification for specifics.

Focus 2 Career provides the career outlook and average pay for a Physical Therapist Assistant in Salt Lake County. The average starting pay for recent graduates is $26.00 - $29.00 per hour.

Students can apply for financial aid by going to Financial Aid.