Salt Lake Community College has increasingly been relying on solar technology to power some of its buildings. Nearly the entire roof of the Lifetime Activities Center and part of the roof of the neighboring Science and Industry building on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus have solar panels that provide electricity to those spaces. Most of the roof of the new Westpointe Workforce Training & Education Center is covered by solar panels, helping to reduce that building’s carbon footprint.

In early 2015 Solar City installed more than 1,420 255-watt panels on the roof of the LAC, which in 2016 (the first full year of use) was the sole beneficiary of the 530,105 kWh of energy produced. In fact, all of the energy produced by solar panels on SLCC buildings is used on site. The initial cost of the LAC panels alone was more than $467,000, paid for with an incentive from Rocky Mountain Power and state funds.

While the return on investment is not the best with solar, SLCC officials note that the main benefit is that the panels produce clean energy without any emissions, providing a more environmentally responsible source of supplemental power while reducing overall energy costs at SLCC.