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Here's how EV charging has helped: You've avoided 26,021 kg greenhouse gas emissions. That's like planting 667 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.

Driving electric is an important way to reduce reliance on oil and fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. We appreciate you being a champion for the environment and supporting a cleaner and greener way to get around. We estimate the emissions you've avoided based on the energy dispensed and show three growth equivalents form the EPA. Actual emissions avoided may be higher or lower depending on how your electricity is generated locally.

Electric Vehicle Charging

If you are driving an electric-powered vehicle, or you’re thinking about it, and you would like to know where charging stations are located around the valley, this link is for you. 


Motor Pool

SLCC’s motor pool has several hybrid and electric vehicles available for use by authorized staff and faculty. The college’s fleet of over 100 vehicles has cars, pickups, a garbage truck, lawnmower and even a forklift that run on compressed natural gas. 

Motor Pool

Public Transportation

Salt Lake Community College is providing free Bus/Transit passes to all of our active students, faculty and staff. The pass will be good for use on UTA Buses, TRAX and FrontRunner. 

UTA Transit Pass

Bicycling to SLCC

Salt Lake Community College offers many opportunities to help bicyclists secure their bikes, including a “cage” at South City Campus. Zero emissions! Yes! We love it! And, don’t forget, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road – we want you to arrive to class safe and sound.

Bicycle Rules and Registration