Scholarship Information

Scholarships are offered by colleges, businesses, community foundations, and public and private organizations. Some scholarships are renewable every year a student attends college. Most require that the student maintain a certain GPA or meet other criteria in order to keep the scholarship.

Scholarships may vary in amount from a few hundred dollars to a “full-ride,” meaning almost all college expenses - tuition, books, housing, food, transportation, etc. - are covered. Students should apply to every scholarship they are eligible for. Several small scholarships can add up to a large amount!

There are several types of scholarships, so almost every student can find a few they are eligible for!

Merit scholarships are available to students who excel academically, have high ACT or SAT scores, have demonstrated strong leadership or volunteerism, or have excelled in sports or the arts, regardless of their financial need.

Need-based scholarships are merit scholarships specifically for students who have overcome certain social challenges. For example, there are scholarships for students with disabilities, from low-income families, first generation college students, some ethnic or racial backgrounds, single parents, etc.

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