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Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems includes Level 1 and Level 2 certificates. This BAS Level 1 comprehensive training program covers the functions a BAS Contractor performs on a project and the major phases of a typical BAS project; describes how controllers and devices are organized into various levels of a generalized controls pyramid; programs the Easy I/O controller to include all necessary inputs and monitoring devices commonly used in BAS industry; and conducts commissioning and loop-tuning activities of a typical building automation control system.

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Salary / Monthly Openings

Entry-Level Wages: $14.00
Median Wages: $23.17
Openings: 288

Occupational Data, 2023, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling

Entry-Level Wages: $14.00
Median Wages: $23.17
Openings: 288

Occupational Data, 2023, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling


● Building Automation Systems Level 1 3 courses (concurrent) 15 weeks $1,404.53 Register Now
● Building Automation Systems Level 2 2 courses 25 weeks $998.50 Register Now


Title Time Commitment Funding Available Investment
Building Automation Systems Fundamentals 15 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $312.25
Building Automation Systems Basic Electrical Concepts 12 Weeks | Self-paced Yes $499.25
Building Automation Systems Devices & Control Theory 15 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $595
Building Automation Systems Networking 10 Weeks | 1x a week $499.25
Building Automation Systems Logic & Programming 15 Weeks | 1x a week $499.25


Companies are actively recruiting our graduates. Program completers are employable in the field after training.

Since upwards of 40% of pollution comes from buildings, BAS Technicians help make buildings more comfortable, efficient, and improve air quality.

Hands-on training from industry professionals

Excellent career step-up for people in building maintanence, HVAC professionals, and existing BAS technicians looking to hone their skills.


* Are there any required pre-requisites?

- For Level 1 certificate courses, there are no formal pre-requisites. Having knowledge of or a background in HVAC is very helpful. Completion of Level 1 courses is required before taking Level 2 certificate courses.

* What kind of professional background do I need?

- Students commonly come to the program from backgrounds in building maintenance, building operations, or HVAC. But we’ve had everyone from recent high school graduates, to working tradesmen, to professional engineers successfully complete the BAS Level 1 Certificate.

* How long does it take to complete training?

- Level 1 courses are taken concurrently and completed in 15 weeks. Level 2 courses are taken consecutively and take another 15 weeks to complete.

* What is covered in the training?

- Level 1 Certificate will help you get started in this growing industry. Courses cover fundamentals of a Building Automation System, including electrical concepts, devices and controls theory. Level 2 Certificate will help you move ahead, gaining a greater understanding of specific computer systems, networking, logic and programming.

* Do I need to complete the Level 1 and Level 2 BAS Certificates?

- Employers tell us there is value in completing both Level 1 and Level 2 certificates, but graduates of the Level 1 certificate are immediately employable in the field.

* Is there placement assistance?

- We average about 1 employer a month looking to hire our graduates. We direct employers to our site on Handshake and encourage our graduates to register there as well.

* How much are books?

- Textbook cost for the Level 1 Certification program is typically around $200. Textbooks for the Level 2 Certification program are typically $50.

* Do I need to be a current student at SLCC to take classes?

- While you do need to be a student at SLCC to take classes, you do not need to submit a formal application to the college. Our BAS Certificate classes are considered not-for-credit so we have a different process for registration

* Where are the classes held?

- Classes are held on the Miller Campus at 9750 S 300 West in Sandy, in the Miller Corporate Partnership Center building

* Can I get credit for prior industry experience and/or learning?

- Yes, students are eligible to have learning assessed for credit at SLCC through evaluation of knowledge in alignment with specific course learning outcomes. For more information, please email Paul Jones

* Is there funding assistance for companies who want to send more than one student?

- Qualified companies can apply for Custom Fit funding if they want to send multiple students through the Building Automation Systems certificates. For more information, contact Corporate Training


If you are approved for funding, STIT will pay 50% of the cost of the tuition associated with the course.

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