The Program

The Business Management Department offers a Certificate of Completion and Associate of Applied Science degrees in Business Management, Small Business Management, and Marketing. These areas are designed to lead to employment as managers, manager-trainees, production planners and schedulers, engineering assistants, inventory control technicians, entrepreneurs, and a variety of other positions.

General education and elective courses provide training in effective oral and written communication and human relation skills. BUS 1050, BUS 2200, COMM 1010, MGT 2070 and MGT 2500 are taught using group and team activities in the learning process to develop the student's interactive skills and to build human values and ethics.

Program Contacts

Program Advisor & Contact Info Office
Business Pathway Advisors:
  • Business AA & AS
  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Finance & Credit
  • Marketing Management
  • *If your last name begins with A-C:

Sadie Tsosie

Taylorsville Redwood
STC 240 E
  • *If your last name begins with D-G:
  • Plus all New Freshmen Business Student Cohort Advisor

Michael Purles

Taylorsville Redwood
BB 214 E
  • *If your last name begins with H-L:

LuAnn Furner

Taylorsville Redwood
STC 240 F
  • *If your last name begins with M-Q:

Tien Pham

Taylorsville Redwood
BB 214 F
  • *If your last name begins with R-V:

Elizabeth Valle

Taylorsville Redwood
STC 240 B
  • *If your last name begins with W-Z:

Michael Atkinson
Lead Pathways Advisor

Taylorsville Redwood
CT 292
  • SATTS Advising:
  • Baking Certificate, Bookkeeping Clerk, Commercial Baking, Food Certificate, Line Supervisor, Medical Coding & Billing, Coding Core

Butch Steffen

Taylorsville Redwood
TB 407 E