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Concurrent Enrollment

Faculty Liaison Overview

Download The Annual Liaison Requirements Checklist

According to research by the Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Columbia University the power in concurrent enrollment lies not only in students having the opportunity to learn college curriculum and earn credit, but concurrent enrollment, if properly designed can allow students to try on the college student role and become comfortable with that so that it becomes part of their identify, which then increases the likelihood of transitioning to college after high school, and persisting to completion. So, for an effective concurrent enrollment program to function there are two things that have to be monitored for (1) the integrity of the curriculum, and (2) the integrity of the college experience, which has been identified and defined through CCRC and other organizations’ research.

With this in mind the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Department in collaboration with SLCC academic departments has developed a liaison model that separates site visit responsibilities into two parts; course content oversight and college experience oversight. Under this model full-time and adjunct SLCC faculty are tasked with monitoring, specifically, for course content integrity via the vetting of instructors, new teacher training, annual discipline-specific professional development, site visits, and annual syllabus review, and full-time SLCC CE "College Experience Liaisons" are tasked with monitoring pedagogy and the college experience with an eye for general curriculum issues, for related disciplines that those liaisons have general knowledge in. For example, a full-time STEM liaison under this proposal would visit and observe CE instructors teaching any STEM courses rather than only observing biology or physics classes

The purpose of this model is to ensure the following:

  1. CE Instructors are properly trained in the SLCC curriculum expectations and are able to deliver that curriculum according to the SLCC standard.
  2. CE instructors have a strong connection with both the SLCC academic department and SLCC concurrent enrollment department, and that relationship is nurtured to meet both the needs of the CE instructor and SLCC. 
  3. CE instructors are delivering a comprehensive college experience that prepares students to navigate the challenges of higher eductation once they matriculate to SLCC or another higher education institution.


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