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Concurrent Enrollment

Adding New CE Courses

For high schools that are interested in offering additional SLCC courses that do not appear on the current list of CE Course Offerings/Instructor Requirements (or the state CE Master List), there are several steps that need to be taken:

  • Either the high school or SLCC may identify a course they would like to add to the state list. Concurrent enrollment courses are typically general education courses and introductory courses, unless there is an articulation arrangement between a high school program and SLCC program for a specific pathway.
  • The high school then approaches the SLCC CE Director, who in turn approaches the SLCC academic department to determine whether there is interest in offering the course.
  • Once both parties have come to a mutual agreement to pursue adding the course to the state list, SLCC and the high school work to find a course in the high school that aligns with the SLCC curriculum at least 90% for core high school courses, 80% for elective or CTE courses. If such a high school course does not exist, the high school may begin the process of creating a new course. 
  • Once a match has been found or created, the high school, SLCC CE department, and the SLCC academic department work together to complete the state Concurrent Enrollment Course Submission Form. This form must be submitted to the state before November 1 of each year, to run the class for the following academic school year. So courses submitted by November 1, 2021, if approved, would be available to offer as CE courses for the 2022-23 school year.

The entire process could take several weeks to several months to complete depending on the existence of a high school equivalent course and the availability of all parties who need to be involved in the process. It is best to begin the process as early as possible and generally during the fall and spring semesters when it is easiest to track down SLCC and high school faculty members who need to be involved.

The following video walks you through step by step how to complete the alignment form, which can be downloaded below this video.

Download the Curriculum Matching Template

Complete the Alignment Form

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