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Concurrent Enrollment

Classroom Visits

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Some SLCC academic departments feel that if they have rigorously vetted the instructor, trained them on the SLCC curriculum standard, review their syllabus annually, and provide annual professional development, that is sufficient to ensure curricular integrity, and are comfortable with the college experience liaisons visiting the CE instructors in that discipline. Other academic departments prefer to visit new teachers for the first year, a couple times each semester and then once they have determined that the instructor is competent to check in every few years. Still others prefer to visit the class once per year or per semester. 

In order to provide flexibilty in adapting to these different mindsets and approaches, faculty liaisons, who are tasked with ensuring the integrity of the SLCC curriclum, must perform a minimum of one evaluation visit per instructor per course (not section) every three years to ensure quality delivery of the SLCC curriculum. Liaisons may visit more often so far as the frequency does not generally exceed the frequency required of SLCC adjuncts. Once exception however, would be in cases of concern over the instructors ability to deliver the college curriculum according to the academic department standard.*

Regardless of what SLCC academic departments decide, CE College Experience Liaisons, who are full-time employees of the Concurrent Enrollment Department and work closely with SLCC academic departments, will visit each teacher's classroom yearly to evaluate the college experience, pedagogical practices, and provide feedback and support. SLCC academic departments are encouraged to collaborate with these liaisons to help alleviate the oversight load on full-time faculty, where the academic department feels that would be appropriate.

SLCC faculty who serve as liaisons will use the Work Request form in MyCE to track and document site visits. CE College Experience liaisons use the more lengthly, formative evaluation form in MyCE. 

* This policy in the first two paragraphs above was agreed on by SLCC Academic Administrators (Associate Deans, Deans, and Provost) during Spring semester of 2019. 

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