Salt Lake Teens Write

The Salt Lake Teens Write (SLTW) program is a series of intensive writing workshops to help teens develop their skills and passion for creative writing.

All teens entering grades 9-12 this fall are eligible to participate in this program.

Cohorts will meet for three weeks for intensive workshops and publication processes and will work together and separately to create amazing works of writing and engage in their creative passions. There are three separate cohorts that meet at different times during the year. Teens are welcome to participate in all three of the cohorts.

At the end of the year, all the writing cohorts will come together to collaborate on an anthology publication and public reading to celebrate the different texts they have created during the year.

Meeting Times For SLTW Writing Cohorts

The Teens Write Cohort will be hosted online via Instagram Live and a Salt Lake Teens Write Website.

  • Spring Teens Write Cohort: Science Fiction
    • Online Every Tuesday (5-6 p.m.) and Saturday (11 a.m.-noon) from March 2-20, 2021
  • Summer Teens Write Cohort: Fantasy
    • Online every Tuesday and Friday (1-2 p.m.) from July 20-August 6, 2021 
  • Fall Teens Write Cohort: Horror & Monsters
    • Online every Tuesday (5-6 p.m.) and Saturday (11 a.m.-noon) from Oct. 5-23, 2021

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Participant Experiences

“Having only had a public education setting for my English instruction so far, it sounded like heaven when our teacher told us about an opportunity to get connected with a personal writing mentor! Working with someone one-on-one has been extremely valuable to me. I love being able to bounce ideas and brainstorm with someone. Going over what I’ve written so far has been so helpful. Right now we are working on flash fiction and short stories, and I am focusing on how to create better imagery and engage the reader more fully. I love the freedom of subject I have here! In school our writing is so restricted and regimented; on our own it’s really difficult to find anyone to help you. I feel like this program has really given me the opportunity to grow so much more than I would have otherwise.”

Patti Keene

“My Language Arts teacher told me that I should participate in Salt Lake Teens Write because it will help me become a better writer. I learned a lot in this program so far because I have such a great mentor; I learned how to write a scholarship essay and a resume. So far it is a good experience. Writing together is great because I have developed a lot of cool, awesome tools to be creative. The most rewarding thing about this program is working with my mentor and just having the opportunity to learn new writing skills.”

Abdikadir Eftin

Featured Works from Salt Lake Teens Write

The Written Word
Erik Allen

O, how strange things lead to strange universes,
The written word conveys such meanings and
How easily our soul is attracted
To the thirst of knowledge, ‘tis unquenchable
We crave knowledge evermore, absorbing it, as
Flame devours the air we breathe, feverishly, we
Authors pour heart and soul and time into those
Bound pages; that which cause the heart to race
And the soul to glow

Excerpt from My Car
Nimaa Osman

On rainy days, I love watching the rain fall and listening to sad music. I keep an extra coat in my car just in case it gets chilly. Driving slowly in my neighborhood as I approach my house, I park in the driveway and sit for a while. Taking a moment to just feel it all. Crack the window open just a bit to smell the rain’s aroma. Shut my eyes and maybe even take a little nap. In my car is where I am away from everything. My car is my sanctuary.

I take good care of my car. I clean it when it’s dirty. I change the oil when needed. I buy decoration to customize it to my preference. If you step into my car you’ll know it is mine. My car is like no other car. No other car is like mine, because my car is my home. It’s where I spend the most time.

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