Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month & Programs

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month is a celebration during May recognizing and celebrating the contributions of AAPIs to the United States. We celebrate our ancestors' contribution to the United States, and our identities as students, staff and faculty at SLCC, our contributions to our SLCC institution and our community. This month-long program will be a reflection of the students we serve, their unique identities, knowledge and contribution to our institution and the continual partnerships within our communities that holistically supports our AAPI communities.




past Events

AAPI Heritage Month 2022

Schedule of 2022 Events

Origami: The Art of Paper Folding

The Spirit of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia through Music and Dance

Centering our Asian and Filipino Ancestry through Dance!

Body Art: The Technique and Beauty of Henna

The Art of Lei Making

AAPI Heritage Month 2021

Schedule of 2021 AAPI Heritage Month Events

Importance of Disaggregating AAPI communites of color event flyer

aapi-month-health-counseling event flyer

Three Wise Cousins Movie Screening Flyer

aapi-month-centering-identities event flyer

Pacific Islander Lunch and Learn - Summer 2022

The Pacific Islander Lunch & Learn event serves as an opportunity for Pacific Islander students to connect, build community among peers, and receive additional information and resources to ensure their success while at SLCC community college. We share stories and experiences that help students feel welcomed and seen and reminds them that they are not alone in their pursuit of higher education.