The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam Information

ATI TEAS Assessment will not be required for the Fall 2023 cohort admissions session.

  • The TEAS Exam is a product of ATI and is used as part of the admissions process by the SLCC Nursing Program.
  • The Nursing Department in the School of Health Sciences is the only program that requires prospective students to take the TEAS Exam before they submit their application. You can attempt the TEAS Exam three times in a twelve-month period.
  • Check with your Admission Advisor for the details of your program.
  • Once you schedule the TEAS Exam and make a payment, the fee is not refundable. You must take the test within six months. You can reschedule a valid test for an additional fee on this same site.
  • The cost of the TEAS Exam allows you to take the entire exam one time and you also get access to the ATI remediation resources.

Create an ATI Account

  • Before you arrive to take the exam, you must create an ATI account.
    • Do not create a new account if you already have an account.
    • Remember your username and password.
  • If you have not previously created an account, go here to create one.
    • Go to the tab called “Secure Sign On" and click on the link called “Create an Account”.
    • Your ATI account is different from your MySLCC account.
    • Check any confirmation emails from ATI (they may change the username or password you initially provided).
    • You will have the option of selecting your "Institution Info".
      • If you are applying to the SLCC Nursing Program select "Salt Lake CC ADN" (NOT "Salt Lake CC TEAS").
    • If you select the one called "Salt Lake CC TEAS" Health Science Admissions will not be able to see your exam scores and your application can be delayed or rejected

Required Modules

Allow time to check in before your exam. The exam has 170 questions (150 are scored), with a time limit of 3-hours and 29-minutes and must be completed during one testing session. There are four sections to the exam and must be completed in the order shown.

  • English and Language Usage
  • Mathematics (One ten-minute break after completion of this section.)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Science

How will I know what my score is? When you complete the exam, you will be able to log into your ATI account and see your results. Your scores are automatically made available to SLCC Admissions. You do not need to provide you scores to SLCC.

I need to take the TEAS as part of the program admission process. The application for the program is due on the same day I'm scheduled to take the TEAS. Will the results be ready in time for my application? Yes. Scores are calculated when you complete the entire exam and are available to Health Sciences Admissions immediately.

Scheduling and retaking exam

Schedule Exam

  • You must schedule your test at least 72-hours in advance.
  • The RegisterBlast account is a separate account from the ATI account. You will need an ATI account (username and password) to login on the day you take your exam. This account will also allow you access to study material and remediation resources provided by ATI. This account will be used if you choose to retake the exam.

Retake Exam

  • The Nursing Program allows students to retake the exam twice to improve their exam scores.
  • There is a mandatory two-week waiting period between attempts. If you have taken the exam previously and wish to take it again to improve your score there is a two-week waiting period from the time you complete the exam until you can retest. You can, however, begin the process of scheduling your subsequent attempt as early as you would like. During this time, you should take advantage of the remediation resources offered by ATI so that you can improve your score. Your subsequent attempts will cover the same topics as the previous test but will be a different version of the exam and the questions will be different.
  • To retake the exam, schedule a new exam using RegisterBlast.
  • You must schedule 72-hours in advance.
  • For special circumstances the Program Manager may override these periods. Call 801-957-6225 for more information.
  • You will have to pay full price for a retest.
  • You will need to retake all the modules of the exam each time. The Nursing Program requires a cumulative score from the TEAS Exam. Check with your Admission Advisor. 

Study Tips and Resources

  • There are many resources available. The ATI website offers many resources including books and practice exams. The internet will provide many other sites that will help you study, some offer practice exams and sample questions.
  • Mometrix TEAS Courses
  • TEAS Exam Review Guide
  • If you have additional questions
    • Admissions process questions, please call 801-957-6253
    • Academic advising questions, please call 801-957-6215.