Testing Center Policies

The Testing Center provides a secure area for the administration of all exams. Adherence to the following rules will help ensure an efficient testing experience and protect you from the perception of any improprieties.


To take an exam, you must present one of the following at check-in:  SLCC student ID card (preferred), or a current passport, driver’s license, or state ID card.  We cannot accept pictures of ID


A student who arrives with less than half of his/her allotted testing time available before closing time will have to reschedule for another date.  This may require securing permission from the instructor.   


You may bring only instructor-authorized items into the testing room, e.g., calculator (without cover), notes, or textbook. Any approved notes, note cards, formula sheets etc. will remain with Testing Services once the exam is finished. Students are responsible for making their own copy prior to starting the exam.

Unless you have approved accommodations, you may not bring any personal items into the testing room. These include, but are not limited to food, drinks (including water), sunglasses, hats of any kind, outerwear, purses, backpacks, cell phones, wrist watches (all types), Fitbits, pagers, headphones, and any other electronic device.

A proctor may request that you remove items and will check any item being brought in. A proctor will ask you to pull your pockets to verify that you do not have any unauthorized items in them prior to entering the testing room.

Use good judgment regarding clothing. Vulgar or profane text and/or images on clothing may offend or distract other test-takers, thus interfering with the testing environment. We therefore do not allow clothing of this nature in the Testing Center.

Please inform students: as our temperature fluctuates in our testing areas, students may want to dress accordingly. No light sweaters, jackets, coats, sweaters, neck scarves, hats, beanies, sunglasses, phones, smartwatches will be allowed in our testing rooms. Proctors will request removal prior to students entering our testing areas. Lockers are provided for items. No exceptions are given unless a student has an approved accommodation through the DRC.

We will provide you with a locker in which to store your electronic device(s) and/or any other small items not allowed during testing.

Children may not accompany adults in the Testing Center, nor be left alone in the hallway outside the Center.  Further, testing staff cannot be responsible for watching children while you are testing. Please make alternative arrangements for your child’s care.   


We do not allow restroom breaks during testing unless you have an approved accommodation. Please use the restroom prior to checking in.

We will continuously monitor test-takers by video, proctor walk-throughs, and the observation window during the test session. All testing sessions are audio- and video-recorded.

Once we issue your test, you may not leave the testing area without first ending the test.

Raise your hand for assistance if you experience any problems during testing.  Do not hesitate or delay if any type of issue arises.  The sooner we know, the sooner we can help resolve the problem. 

You must not talk to other test-takers or refer to their screens, testing materials, or written notes in the testing room.


We will report any blatant or suspected issues of academic dishonesty to your instructor and Associate Dean. We will ask you to leave and refer you to your instructor for appropriate disciplinary action. (See the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities for additional information.)